Homemade Dog Food Recipe You Can Share With Your Dog

– Hi I’m Rocky Kanaka and welcome to my kitchen. I’m glad you’re here because we’re gonna make healthy homemade dog food recipes that your dog will love. Let’s get started, but before we do, make sure you stick around because at the end of this video,

I’m gonna show you how to make a very simple two ingredient dog treat from the ingredients that we’re making in this meal. Alright so here are the ingredients that you’re gonna need so you and your dog can have a healthy well-balanced delicious meal. Squash, carrots, broccoli, potatoes, two tablespoons of olive oil, one lemon, and of course, salmon. For this meal which is salmon, a vegetable medley, and potato chips, let’s start with prepping the vegetables so we can start steaming those. I’m using a couple tools today in the kitchen that I’ve fallen in love with.

First is an air fryer. That’s how we’re gonna make the potato chips.

Second is a rice cooker. That’s how we’re gonna steam the vegetables. I’ll put a link down below to the air fryer and the rice cooker that I use that I really really like.

What’s great about the rice cooker is it does come with this steaming bowl, so I’m gonna cut and prep the vegetables in there, and then we can just throw it right in the rice cooker. Here’s the great think about cooking for your dog.

Normally you’d peel a potato and you’d throw that away, but in this case we’re gonna use every part of the potato because potato skins have great nutrients, and dogs don’t mind it at all. This creates less waste and is one of the best parts about cooking for you and for your dog. You wanna rinse the potato skins out so it gets rid of all that starch, and then I’m gonna lay them out on a paper towel to let ’em dry.

Next, do the same thing and peel your carrots. Now here’s something really important. We’re gonna take the broccoli stems, and that’s gonna be for the dogs. They’re just as nutritious, and after they’re steamed, the dogs love that part. Alright so we’re gonna start by air frying the dog potato chips. Put a tablespoon of olive oil in the air fryer, and we’re gonna start by steaming the vegetable medleys for the dogs.

Once that’s done, we’re gonna put in our vegetables, and we’re gonna put in our potato chips, and then we’ll start on the salmon. We have the dog potato chips and the dog vegetable medley ready to go. We started with those for two reasons.

One obviously, it make sense because we’re cutting vegetables and there’s stuff that we may not wanna eat. They’re still great for the dogs. Two, this will give it plenty of time to cool by the time our food is ready. It’s really important that you make sure that you let it cool so that they don’t burn their tongue. Now we’re gonna go ahead and prep our vegetable medley, our potato chips, and start prepping the salmon. Okay so I usually leave a little bit more meat when I’m making this using this part for a dog treat, so I don’t get as close.

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You can tell a little bit of meat on there. But there you go, it’s a nice salmon skin, and then I’m gonna show you what to do to make this a very simple simple dog treat. And we have a nice filet that I will obviously cook up and eat myself. The vegetables are steaming, the potato chips are air frying, and now we’re gonna move to the salmon.

Now I’ve done two things here. I’ve got two cuts. I usually do about an ounce of protein for every 10 pounds of dog. Now this is just a treat, it’s not his everyday regular meal, so you wanna dial that in a little bit according to your dog’s weight, but that’s what I’m doing for his meal. Okay so I’m gonna put the pan on just a little bit over medium, I’m gonna put in my tablespoon of olive oil. It doesn’t take much at all. I’m gonna start with the fish on placing the skin down.

That’s gonna be about 90% of the cook time. Always wanna place it away from you so the hot oil doesn’t splash on you. And I found the trick to salmon is don’t play with it. Don’t continue to flip it around, just leave it. It’ll cook right. You can just do one flip, and it’s really important that you cook it with the skin on it because this is gonna be part of the dog’s meal that they’re really gonna love.

Looks like it’s a little bit hot, so I’m gonna turn it down just a little bit to medium. Here’s a little trick with cooking salmon, you can see it cooking, so look at this. You’ll know when that gets up to about another 1/4 of an inch that it’s time to flip because you can see how it’s actually cooking through.

Now here’s one of the secrets, I don’t wanna eat the salmon skin, but the salmon skin is crisp right now. It’s been cooked just right, and dogs love salmon skin and it’s really good for ’em. It’s got all the necessary omegas in it, and so we’re gonna take this off. What’s nice is once you’ve cooked it, it should just peel right off, which is gonna be nice and perfect and crispy, but still a little bit fatty for your dog and they’re gonna love that taste. There we go. Set that right there to cool down. That right there as well. The dogs are gonna love that. And we also have some of this little bit of brown fish.

I go ahead and scrape some of that off because that’s gonna have a real fishy flavor. It’s not gonna hurt you if you eat it, it’s just, I just found it doesn’t taste nearly as good, so I go ahead and pull that off. So for me that’s pretty much cooked. I like mine not well done. You can keep going a little bit more if you like it well done. Just turn off the heat, and take it off the burner, and that way it’ll still stay warm and it’ll cook just a little bit more. But we’ll do that while we go ahead and finish up with the vegetables and the air fried potato chips. Okay the vegetables are perfect and nice and steamed.

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That’s gonna be my fish right there. It’s a little bit bigger, it’s about eight ounces for me, which is perfect. Let’s grab the dog bowl. Now we’ve got the mixed steamed vegetables, remember we just used some of the peelings from the carrot and the stem from the broccoli and then we’ve got some squash in there. My dog’s lucky day, some salmon. And then we’re gonna sprinkle some of those air fried potato skins on there. It’s his version of potato chips.

Dogs are just like us, they like texture, and they like different things, and so that really spices up his food and he’ll be really happy about it. And then we’ve let this cool and we’ll put that in there.

That’s kind of the topper that’s the treat for him. I’m gonna go ahead and mix it up a little bit so that it’s just easier for him to eat. He eats it all at the same time, so I make it a little easier on the guy and mix it all up. You’ll notice that we didn’t season anything. I did that for two reasons. One, it’s not good for the dogs. They don’t need that salt. They don’t need those extra things.

Two, I like to put salt on my salmon and pepper after. It really draws the flavor out. And the salmon, it’s so good it doesn’t usually need a lot of spice and flavors. I do add a little bit of lemon, so I’ll cut that. And then a little trick to get it to plate right, just do one more cut right there. We’ll heat it up for a minute, draw that lemon juice out, and then we’ll plate it. And there you have it, healthy homemade dog food recipes that your dog will love, and that you’ll also love.

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Check it out. Healthy dog food recipes for your dog and for you. I’m not gonna really let him eat at the table. We were just taking some pictures so, he’s gonna go over to his dog bowl right now, and he’s gonna get some of this. You excited? Come on buddy.

As promised, a little bonus, a DIY dog treat from the meal that we made that’s easy and simple and only two ingredients that every dog will love I guarantee it. So when I stopped by the store, I made sure that I grabbed the salmon that had the skin on it. I just got done making an amazing salmon meal, but I saved the salmon skin because I’m gonna make that into a dog treat. And it’s very simple to make.

Here are two ingredients, salmon skin and coconut oil. So in this two step process, it’s very simple.

First you take the salmon and you cover it in coconut oil. Go ahead and preset your oven to 350 degrees. And you’re simply gonna roll your salmon. We’ll just go ahead and pop that in the oven for 20 minutes, let it bake, let it cool, and then the treat’ll be ready. Here you go. Gentle. If only this guy could talk, he would tell you that that treat was delicious, and it smelt like salmon and coconut, it was crispy. It was really the perfect dog treat as you can tell by how fast he woofed it down. He’s still searching for more.

All that hard work, I have to see how it tastes. Mmm. That’s really good. I have some really lucky dogs. Hey if you like videos like this and you wanna see more, make sure you subscribe, hit that like button, share this with everyone you can, and leave down in the comments below if you tried this recipe or if you’re going to try this recipe. Or if you have any ideas, I’d love to hear about them.

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