Heartwarming footage of rescue puppies eating cake & playing will melt your heart

Rocky Kanaka – Animal Advocate & Pet Chef

Today, Rocky is going to let homeless puppies pick their own names. He made all these dog bones and cakes in his store, The Dog Bakery, and he is going to let these puppies pick whatever name they want.

Heartwarming footage of rescue puppies eating cake & playing will melt your heart

Where Are All These Puppies Coming From?

Rancho Coastal Humane Society is a non-profit animal shelter located in Southern California that provides care for a wide variety of animals, including puppies and dogs. The organization is known for its commitment to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding permanent homes for animals in need. Recently, 10 adoptable puppies were brought to a local pet store, The Dog Bakery, to help name them.

Letting Puppies Pick Their Name… But How Does It Work?

The puppies were given new names and personalized cards that highlight their likes and dislikes. This is an important step in helping the puppies get adopted, as it allows potential adopters to get to know them and make an informed decision about whether they would be a good fit for their family. Naming the puppies also gives them a sense of identity and helps them feel more comfortable and secure while they wait for their forever homes.

The names of the puppies were chosen from a list of the 25 most popular dog names. Three cakes were baked in the pet store and offered to the puppies to see which names they would choose. The results were fascinating to watch, as the puppies eagerly explored the treats and made their selections. Some puppies preferred salmon, while others went straight for chicken. It was also clear that some puppies were more food-driven than others.

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Heartwarming footage of rescue puppies eating cake & playing will melt your heart

The Dog Bakery

The Dog Bakery is a local small business that provides fresh and healthy treats for dogs. The owner of the store, who hosted the puppy naming event, is passionate about his business and is always working to perfect his recipes. The peanut butter cookies he baked for the puppies were a hit, and they eagerly gobbled them up.

Heartwarming footage of rescue puppies eating cake & playing will melt your heart

Which is Better: A Ball Pit or a Pool Full of Balloons?

Not only these pups get to try delicious treats and cakes but also they get to choose their own bed. On top of that they also get to choose if they want to play in a ball pit or a pool full of balloons!

On the count of three, the dogs were released to choose which activity they preferred. To everyone’s surprise, the blue ball pit was the clear favorite. Although, it may have been a bit too tall for them, but Sadie still seemed to enjoy it.


In conclusion, the puppy naming event was a fun and heartwarming experience that showcased the dedication and commitment of the Rancho Coastal Humane Society and local businesses like The Dog Bakery. The 10 puppies are now available for adoption, and anyone interested in giving them a forever home can contact the shelter for more information. With a little love and care, these adorable puppies are sure to make wonderful additions to any family.