Cherished Moments and Loving Goodbyes: Remembering Jalapeño

This special needs pup captured many hearts, including Kelly’s and mine. We often fondly remember him as the foster dog we wish we’d kept. Before Kobe, we had a steadfast rule: we wouldn’t adopt any of our foster dogs. If we did, we’d risk becoming hoarders and wouldn’t be able to continue our mission.

Jalapeño’s Unique Challenge

In 2018, Kelly and I fostered Jalapeño, a 5-month-old golden retriever with a condition called megaesophagus. Simply put, this meant he couldn’t swallow or digest food properly. To aid him, he needed a special Bailey chair to sit upright and consume a smoothie-like consistency of food.

Jalapeno remaned Rocco

Our time with Jalapeño was filled with memorable moments: participating in a Jockey runway show, attending Golden Palooza with hundreds of other golden retrievers, and embarking on a road trip to introduce him to his forever family in Arizona. They lovingly renamed him Rocco, blending Jalapeño and Rocky.

Rocco’s Unexpected Farewell

I always strive to stay connected with the dogs we’ve fostered, without being intrusive. However, a recent update about Rocco was heart-wrenching.

His family informed me that he was taken to the ER due to a large mass in his esophagus. The doctors felt he wouldn’t withstand surgery. They comforted him in his final moments. The news devastated me. Yet, I found solace in the fact that many dogs with megaesophagus don’t live past puppyhood if not diagnosed or if their families aren’t equipped to care for them. Rocco had five wonderful years surrounded by love, and that thought warms my heart, even though I deeply wish he was still with us.

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The Reality of Life’s Fragility

The harsh truth is our beloved dogs don’t live as long as we hope. This reality hit hard when Flip, my boxer, was diagnosed with cancer at 11. I’m aware that a 10-year-old boxer is already a blessing, but Flip’s cheerful demeanor made me believe he’d be with us indefinitely.

A Tribute to Our Furry CompanionsCelebrate Every Moment

In memory of Rocco, Flip, and all the cherished pups who’ve crossed the rainbow bridge, please shower your dog with extra affection tonight, start celebrating their birthday and even their half birthday, take time to go on walks, play fetch and enjoy every moment. Their time goes so fast.

It feels like just yesterday we tearfully handed you over, confident that you’d be enveloped in love forevermore.

RIP Rocco.

????️  If you’d like a reminder for your dog’s birthday and half-birthday, just let me know and I’ll ensure you don’t miss it!

Rocco Playlist

I put together this playlist of all the videos I made about Rocco

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