From Classic to Ultra-Rare, We Have 155 Black Dog Names That Are Pawsitively Captivating

Black dogs are often associated with mystery, elegance, and charisma. Whether you have a bold male or a graceful female, a big, small, or medium-sized black dog, we’ve compiled a diverse list of black dog names to suit every personality and style. Explore our categories to find the ideal name for your beloved black companion.

Black Dog Names

Black Dog Names

ShadowMysterious and elusive, like a dark silhouette.
OnyxInspired by the black gemstone, a name of beauty and elegance.
PantherA name that signifies strength and grace.
RavenAs dark and enchanting as the mystical bird itself.
CoalLike the black coal, solid and strong.

Black Dog Names Female

NoirFrench for “black,” a name that exudes sophistication.
VesperA name that resonates with the allure of the evening.
LunaInspired by the moon’s gentle glow against the night sky.
SableReferring to a dark, luxurious fur.
ZaraA chic and elegant name for a black lady.

Black Dog Names Male

JettCool and charismatic, like a black jet.
MidnightReflecting the darkness of the midnight hour.
VortexA name that signifies a whirlwind of energy.
KuroJapanese for “black,” perfect for a strong black male dog.
Eclipse Like the awe-inspiring celestial event.

Unique Names for Black Dogs

Black Dog Names
ObsidianA unique name inspired by volcanic glass.
InkwellA distinctive name that evokes thoughts of black ink.
SootUnconventional and intriguing, like the residue of a fire.
PandoraWith a touch of mystery, perfect for a unique dog.
NocturneSignifying the beauty of the night.

Cute Names for Black Dogs – Male

Licorice Sweet and playful, like the candy.
BearCute and charming, ideal for a lovable male black dog.
OreoInspired by the popular cookie’s black and white design.
NinjaFor a black dog with a stealthy and playful spirit.
CocoA cute and endearing name for a black pup.

Cute Names for Black Dogs – Female

PandaCute and adorable, like the iconic black and white bear.
CookieSweet and charming, just like your lovable female companion.
SootyA name with a playful touch, inspired by soot.
InkyCute and simple, just like your adorable black lady.
EmberSignifying a small, glowing spark of fire.
Black Dog Names

Classic Black Dog Names

MysteryClassic and timeless, like the enigma of the night.
EbonyA classic name that signifies deep, black wood.
NyxInspired by the Greek goddess of the night.
VelvetClassic and luxurious, just like black velvet.
DukeA classic name with a touch of elegance.

Cool Black Dog Names

RogueCool and daring, just like a rogue agent.
ThunderA name that commands attention and respect.
RacerPerfect for a dog with a need for speed.
ViperCool and sleek, like a venomous snake.
InfernoFor a dog with a fiery personality.

Elegant Black Dog Names

Black Dog Names
MajesticElegant and regal, just like a majestic black dog.
QueenPerfect for a black dog with a royal air.
TuxedoElegant and sophisticated, like a formal black tie.
CleoFor an elegant black lady with charisma.
DuchessRefined and graceful, like a noblewoman.

Nature-Inspired Black Dog Names

Storm Inspired by the dark, powerful forces of nature.
SmokeyA name that evokes images of smoldering embers.
BearMajestic and strong, like a black bear in the wild.
WillowSignifying grace and elegance, just like the willow tree.
MoonbeamInspired by the gentle glow of moonlight.

Exotic Black Dog Names

Sahara Exotic and alluring, like the vast desert itself.
CairoAs intriguing and exotic as the Egyptian city.
PanamaA name that signifies adventure and mystery.
IndigoExotic and enchanting, like the deep blue color.
CeylonInspired by the exotic island of Sri Lanka.

Sporty Black Dog Names

Black Dog Names
BoltEnergetic and dynamic, like a lightning bolt.
BlazeFor a dog with a fiery and adventurous spirit.
HawkA name that signifies precision and strength.
RocketPerfect for a dog that’s always on the move.
TorqueInspired by the power and speed of an engine.

Historical Black Dog Names

CleopatraElegant and charismatic, like the Egyptian queen.
Napoleon A name that signifies power and leadership.
TeslaInspired by the brilliant inventor, Nikola Tesla.
HoudiniFor a dog with a knack for escaping and magic.
CaesarMajestic and regal, like a Roman emperor.

Adventurous Black Dog Names

Black Dog Names
RangerAdventurous and bold, like a forest ranger.
EverestFor a dog that loves conquering challenges.
ExplorerInspired by those who venture into the unknown.
QuestA name that signifies a journey filled with adventure.
ScoutPerfect for a dog with a keen sense of exploration.

Celebrity Black Dog Names

OprahAs influential and powerful as Oprah Winfrey.
IdrisInspired by the charismatic Idris Elba.
HalleIn honor of the talented actress Halle Berry.
MorganAfter the versatile actor Morgan Freeman.
ViolaFor a dog with star-quality charisma, like Viola Davis.

Royal Black Dog Names

Black Dog Names
KingstonMajestic and regal, fit for a canine king.
QueeniePerfect for a black dog with a regal air.
PrinceA name that signifies nobility and elegance.
DuchessRefined and graceful, like a noblewoman.
BaronFor a dog that carries an air of aristocracy.
AminaInspired by Queen Amina of Zazzau, a legendary Nigerian queen.
MansaAfter Mansa Musa I, one of the wealthiest monarchs in history, from the Mali Empire.
HaileIn honor of Haile Selassie, the former Emperor of Ethiopia.
NzingaInspired by Queen Nzinga Mbande, a powerful Angolan queen.
SundiataAfter Sundiata Keita, the founder of the Mali Empire.
Yaa AsantewaaNamed after Queen Yaa Asantewaa of the Ashanti Empire, known for her leadership in resisting British colonialism.
BehanzinAfter Behanzin Hossu Bowelle, the last king of the Dahomey Kingdom (now Benin).
Shyaam the GreatNamed after Shyaam the Great, a legendary ruler of the Kingdom of Kongo.
CetshwayoInspired by King Cetshwayo kaMpande, the last independent king of the Zulu Kingdom.
NandiAfter Queen Nandi, the mother of Shaka Zulu.
TenkameninNamed after Tenkamenin, a ruler of the Ghana Empire.
Nzinga a NkuwuInspired by King Nzinga a Nkuwu, an important figure in the Kingdom of Kongo.
OzoluaAfter Oba Ozolua, a notable king of the Kingdom of Benin.

These names honor the rich history and heritage of African royalty fro

Geographical Black Dog Names

Black Dog Names
SantoriniAs stunning and captivating as the Greek island.
CaspianA name with an exotic touch, inspired by the Caspian Sea.
JavaExotic and intriguing, like the Indonesian island.
NairobiInspired by the vibrant Kenyan capital.
SierraFor a dog with a love for mountainous terrain.

Food-Inspired Black Dog Names

TruffleA name with a touch of Norse mythology, fit for a warrior dog.
EspressoInspired by the iconic vampire, Count Dracula.
LicoriceSweet and charming, like the candy.
CaviarElegant and luxurious, like the delicacy.
PepperFor a spicy and dynamic black dog.

Mythical Black Dog Names

ValkyrieA name with a touch of Norse mythology, fit for a warrior dog.
DraculaInspired by the iconic vampire, Count Dracula.
CerberusFor a strong and imposing black dog, inspired by the three-headed dog of Greek mythology.
PhoenixSignifying rebirth and immortality, like the mythical bird.
MerlinInspired by the legendary wizard, perfect for an intelligent and magical dog.

Music-Inspired Black Dog Names

Black Dog Names
ArethaIn honor of the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin.
StevieInspired by the legendary Stevie Wonder.
RayAfter the iconic Ray Charles.
TinaIn tribute to the electrifying Tina Turner.
LennyFor a dog with a rock-and-roll spirit, like Lenny Kravitz.

Black Dog Names From Movies

BagheeraAfter the black panther in Disney’s “The Jungle Book.”
BearInspired by the loyal and brave dog in the film “Copperhead.”
JinxAs seen in the James Bond film “Die Another Day.”
ToothlessNamed after the Night Fury dragon in the movie “How to Train Your Dragon.”
HoochAfter the lovable Dogue de Bordeaux in the film “Turner & Hooch.”

Explore these categories to discover the perfect black dog name that resonates with your furry friend’s personality and charm. Whether you prefer classic elegance, unique allure, or a dash of adventure, there’s a name on this list that’s perfect for your beloved black companion.

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