Former Shelter Dog Sets World Record for Highest Jump

In a remarkable achievement, a former shelter dog has shattered the world record for the highest jump. This incredible feat not only showcases the dog’s extraordinary athleticism, but also highlights the potential and resilience of shelter animals. With this record-breaking jump, the dog has become an inspiration and a testament to the power of second chances.

Former Shelter Dog Sets World Record for Highest Jump
photo credit: Guinness World Records

A Leap into History

Feather, a spirited two-year-old Greyhound, not only found a loving home but also leaped her way into the Guinness World Records. She astounded everyone by jumping an astonishing 75.5 inches (191.7 centimeters), securing her title for the highest jump by a dog. To date this title has not been beat.

From Shelter to Spotlight

Former Shelter Dog Sets World Record for Highest Jump
Samantha Valle started training dogs when she was 15 and she trained Feather to jump. Photo credit: Guinness World Records

Samantha Valle, Feather’s devoted owner, didn’t find her at a breeder or a pet store. Instead, she adopted Feather from an animal shelter in Virginia, giving her a second chance at life. From the beginning, it was evident that Feather had an innate passion for jumping. “Even as a puppy, she’d effortlessly hop onto the couch or bed,” Valle reminisced. “It was clear she had a natural talent.”

Training a Champion

Harnessing Feather’s potential, Valle embarked on a journey to refine her jumping skills. Through positive reinforcement, tailored obstacle courses, and consistent training, Feather’s leaps went from impressive to record-breaking.

More Than Just a Jumper

But beyond her athletic prowess, Feather’s heart is what truly sets her apart. She’s a bundle of affection, always eager to cuddle, play fetch, or simply be by Valle’s side. Through Feather’s achievements, Valle hopes to shed light on the potential of rescue dogs. “Feather is living proof that rescue dogs can be as talented, loving, and remarkable as any other dog out there,” she proudly states.

Feather was rescued from Star City Greyhounds in Virginia. Star City Greyhounds is a non-profit organization that rescues and rehomes retired racing Greyhounds. Feather was found as a stray and was brought to Star City Greyhounds. She was then adopted by her current owner.

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The Ambassador of Rescue Dogs

Feather’s journey from a shelter to the world stage serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. It’s a testament to the boundless possibilities that await when given love, training, and a chance. And as Feather continues to soar, she’s a poignant reminder of the countless rescue dogs awaiting their forever homes, each with their own unique story and potential.

A Glimpse into Feather’s Life:

  • Breed: Purebred Greyhound.
  • Stats: Stands at 26 inches and weighs a lean 65 pounds.
  • Favorites: Has a penchant for chicken and never turns down a game of fetch.
  • Personality: Gentle, affectionate, and always up for a walk or playtime.
  • Legacy: Feather’s story resonates far and wide, inspiring countless individuals to consider adoption and recognize the potential in every rescue dog.

In the heartwarming tale of Feather, we’re reminded of the magic that unfolds when we open our hearts to the possibilities. Whether you’re looking to adopt or simply support, remember the many Feathers out there, each waiting for their moment to shine.

The Previous Record Holder

The previous record holder for the highest jump by a dog was Cinderella May, a female greyhound. She jumped 5 feet 8 inches (1.727 meters) at the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge National Finals. Sadly, she passed away in 2015 at age 14.

Feather surpassed Cinderella May’s record by more than 19 inches. Her jump of 75.5 inches is an incredible feat and a testament to her natural jumping ability and the training she received from her owner.

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