Dog Runs Across Field During International Soccer Match, Then Stops For Belly Rubs

My favorite story this week is of a labrador retriever who somehow gets on the field during an international soccer match and runs across the entire field and then stops for belly rubs from the goalie. If this doesn’t make you smile I’m not sure what will!


The match was between the Chilean and Venezuelan women’s national soccer teams in Curicó Chile. Neither team actually scored, but the fans definitely did with the unexpected cameo appearance of this up and coming soccer star.

The pup walked onto the field, slowly at first, got some love from the Venezualan goalkeeper Nayluisa Cáceres, then ran across the field with so much joy and happiness (& speed) that I’m pretty sure the real MVP of this game was the doggo.

Finally Javiera Toro, the defender from the Chilean team, picks the dog up and passes her on to a ball boy.carries her off the field to loud applause and cheering.

No one knows for sure if the dog belongs to one of the players or if it was a stray dog. Either way, I’m pretty sure more people would be into soccer if there were more canine players!

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