Dog Ownership Can Help Your Dating Life. Here’s How… 

Many single people choose to get a dog, because the companionship of a four legged friend can make a person feel more complete and less lonely. But as it turns out, dogs can help their owners be less lonely in other ways – by acting as a wingman, or rather, wing-kanine. 

Dog Ownership Can Help Your Dating Life

A recent YouGov survey found that half of Americans are more willing to date someone if they have a dog, and a ManyPets survey found 86% of people feel their dog has positively affected their dating life. Not bad for something that can only bark! 

1. Dogs Can Help  Break the Ice

It’s not always socially acceptable to talk to a stranger – unless they have a dog, the ultimate ice breaker. A dog is an instant conversation topic, since it’s totally kosher to ask what kind of breed is it? What’s its name? Is it a boy or a girl? According to ManyPets, one in 10 dating dog owners said their dog actually helped them meet and connect with someone else who loved dogs. Move over, Cupid! 

Dog Ownership Can Help Your Dating Life

2. Dogs Can Show You What a Potential Partner is Like 

Dog Ownership Can Help Your Dating Life

According to the New York Times, people perceive dog owners as more approachable, empathetic, and happier. How people treat their pets says a lot about them. If someone is caring towards their dog, it’s a good indication they’re going to be a caring partner or parent. And if someone is mean to their mutt… it’s better to show them the door. 

3. A Good Judge of Character

Dog Ownership Can Help Your Dating Life

The door swings both ways, and the way your dog acts towards a potential partner can say just as much. A study published in Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews found that dogs can tell if someone is being rude or mean to a human, so if your dog isn’t feeling it with your potential partner, it could be a sign that it’s time to trust your gut – or your dog’s gut. 

4. Dogs Can Make Matches on Dating Apps 

Dog Ownership Can Help Your Dating Life

You don’t need to have your dog with you IRL to find love. Just having a dog in your dating profile photo can make someone more likely to swipe right on you. According to ManyPets, 34% of people said they were more attracted to someone with a dog in their photo. And dogs can get a conversation flowing online, too. Per the same survey,  63% of people said that they were more likely to meet up with someone after talking about their dog online. 

5. Dogs Can Help You Find Common Values

A dog is a very big part of a dog owner’s life, and “must love dogs” is no joke. According to ManyPets, 55% of people said they would never date someone who didn’t like dogs. When it comes to dating, knowing what you don’t want is just as important as knowing what you do.

Dog Ownership Can Help Your Dating Life

6. Owning a Dog Can Make You More Confident

Dogs love unconditionally. If there’s someone at home who loves you no matter what, it can make you feel as if you deserve love, which, in turn, can make you feel more confident as you put yourself out there – even when things go sour with a human partner. 

Dog Ownership Can Help Your Dating Life

7. Dogs are Always There for You 

If a potential partner doesn’t work out, your dog will still be there to cheer you up. According to the University of New Mexico, dogs can reduce anxiety, depression, and loneliness. It’s a steady reminder that someone always loves you, no matter what. Love interests may come and go, but your dog’s love is forever. 

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