Dog Lover Recreates Classic Halloween Candy for Dogs, and the Internet is Going Crazy

Trick or Treat, Furry Feet! Halloween has always held a special place in my heart, but this year at The Dog Bakery, we decided to crank up the festive spirit a notch. Why should humans have all the fun, right? Our four-legged buddies deserve a taste of the Halloween magic too!

Recreating the Classics

Rocky is Recreating Halloween Candy for Dogs

The idea? Simple yet thrilling – recreating classic Halloween candies for our canine pals. Before you jump off your seats, no, we didn’t give them chocolate. As a pet chef and the man behind a dedicated bakery for dogs, I knew the ins and outs of whipping up treats that were both delicious and dog-friendly. We had our own versions of the beloved Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, which we fondly named RiQui’s Peanut Butter Pups after a dear doggy friend. Then there were the Kitty Kat Bars, a playful nod to the Kit Kats. And who could forget the gummy bears? Our bakery was buzzing with excitement, as each treat was crafted with love and a sprinkle of Halloween spirit.

Rocky is Recreating Halloween Candy for Dogs

A Mini Halloween Town

But what’s Halloween candy without the thrill of trick-or-treating? So, in a corner of The Dog Bakery, we built an entire town—yes, you read that right—for dogs to go trick-or-treating. Picture this: adorable tiny homes tailor-made for dogs, streets laid out for our furry friends to walk down, and even a two-story tiny home! It wasn’t just a setup; it was a mini wonderland for our pets.

A Special Guest: Willie Wonka

Willie Wonka

In the midst of these preparations, my heart kept going back to one special dog – Willie Wonka. Born with challenges that made her early life tough, Willie’s journey was an inspiration. Thanks to the love and care from Deity Animal Rescue and her foster family, she was thriving. This entire endeavor, in many ways, was my tribute to her indomitable spirit.

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The Big Day

Halloween Town for dogs

The D-day was nothing short of magical. As we unveiled our mini Halloween town at The Dog Bakery, I could hardly contain my excitement. Watching Willie Wonka, the star of the day, navigate the streets, exploring each house and savoring the treats, was a sight I’ll cherish forever. She embodied hope, resilience, and the sheer joy of the present moment.

It wasn’t just Willie, though. From pups dressed in the quirkiest costumes to even a tortoise (yes, you heard that right!) making its way down the streets, the town was bustling with joyous barks and gleeful howls.

Gratitude and Looking Ahead

Willie Wonka is having halloween candy

As I stood amidst the laughter, wagging tails, and the buzzing energy, my heart swelled with gratitude. To my team, who worked tirelessly to bring this vision to life. To every pet parent who joined in our celebration. And to every single pet who reminded us of the pure, unadulterated joy of living in the moment.

Rocky at the dog bakery

So, if you ever need a sprinkle of magic for your furry buddy or just want to share in our next big adventure, swing by The Dog Bakery.

Gummy Bears For Dogs

Recreating Halloween Candy for Dogs
Rocky Kanaka loves gummy bears and recalls how they’ve been a constant companion on his road trips. Wanting to create a dog-friendly version, he procures gummy bear molds. Discussing with Kelly about the ideal mixture, they consider beef stock and gelatin as ingredients. Though uncertain about the outcome, Rocky suggests that keeping them cold might do the trick.

Kit Kats For Dogs

Recreating Halloween Candy for Dogs

Rocky returns to check on the progress of making dog-friendly treats. Kelly informs him they are working on “Kitty Kats,” a play on Kit Kats. They discuss the ingredients, deciding on a layer of carob, followed by thin strips of peanut butter cookie to mimic the wafer, and another layer of carob on top. Rocky acknowledges the simplicity of the best candies and leaves Kelly to continue while he attends to other tasks.

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Recreating Halloween Candy for Dogs

After freezing the “Kitty Kat Bars” for 20 minutes, Rocky checks their appearance and trims the edges for perfection. He compares them to the original Kit Kat Bar and tastes the dog-friendly version, impressed by its flavor. He then asks two team members to taste-test. Initially, there’s some confusion about which bar is which due to the similarity in taste, but both members agree that the Kitty Kat Bar tastes surprisingly good and closely resembles the original.

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