Dog Jumps Off Balcony to Free Herself From a Life of Abuse

dog jumps off balcony

It can be inconceivable for animal lovers to imagine what goes through someone’s mind when they abuse an animal, but all over the world (and right here in the United States) there are people mistreating animals every day. 

Bella, a gorgeous German Shepherd spent the first year of her life in horrific conditions. Living in Cairo, Egypt’s capital, Bella spent her life outside on a third-floor balcony, eating, sleeping, and waiting for her owner to show her love. To keep her securely on the balcony, Bella was chained in place, kept from moving beyond her tiny, hard, harsh balcony conditions. 

chain in the balcony

Dogs are extremely resilient and have proven themselves capable of withstanding intense conditions. For Bella, the abuse became too much to bear, and she decided to escape.

Bella was discovered when she threw herself over the edge of the balcony, attempting to reach the street below and her freedom. This decision saved her life, and almost killed her. 

Bystanders were shocked to see the dog leap from the balcony, and horrified when her fall was abruptly stopped by the thick chain around her neck. Dangling from the chain, the dog was choking, and the dirty metal links began to cut into her skin. Desperate to help the terrified and screaming pup, good samaritans frantically began to try to find a way into the building. 

dog jumped off balcony received help

Bella hung from the balcony for over five hours before someone could finally get to the balcony and haul her up. Miraculously, Bella survived, but her neck was severely injured, the chain cutting deep into her down to the muscle. To make matters worse, Bella was seriously malnourished, her bones showing everywhere on her body. 

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dog jumped off balcony saved but injured and scared

ESMA (Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals) stepped up, taking Bella to care for her injuries and to find her a forever home. ESMA, in partnership with SNARR (Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation) quickly found Bella a foster home in Massachusetts where she could heal and begin to learn to trust humans. 

Thanks to the efforts of countless people, Bella eventually recovered, and today lives with her forever family in Texas, has a doggy brother, and loves going to the park, playing in the water, and lounging on the couch. 

Bella, the dog jumped off balcony is safe with new family

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