Dog In Ukraine Found Underneath Rubble and Brought to Safety

As the Battle of Donetsk heats up, it’s important to take a step back and look at some of the heartwarming stories coming out of the region. I always think of Mr. Rogers during times like this and look for the helpers. Well, there’s a lot of helpers in Ukraine right now. Recently, a little pup was rescued after the Russians bombarded the village of Mykhailivka, in the Donetsk Oblast – and that pup’s survival is all thanks to the helpers. 

The Donetsk Oblast in eastern Ukraine has been a site of tension, with Russians launching attacks on the region. After a recent Russian shelling, a 77-year-old Ukrainian man’s home was destroyed. The man was injured and he experienced what must’ve been a nightmare for a dog owner – his dog was buried under rubble. 

Fortunately, the Donetsk Regional Police was able to act quickly. “Every life is important — this is the slogan of the police and rescuers of Donetsk Oblast,” the Donetsk Regional Police said in a statement. “The recent shelling of Mykhailivka Village nearly killed a 77-year-old man. He miraculously survived, and his puppy was buried under debris and earth. The elderly man was desperate to see his four-legged friend.” 

Thanks to the determination of the brave heroes, war was not able to tear apart this man and man’s best friend. “Law enforcement officers did not give up hope of finding him, as there was a squeal — the dog was still alive,” the Donetsk Regional Police said in their statement. “Together, police and rescuers found and pulled the dog out of the ground.”

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Watch the video above.

His rescue was caught on camera. In the video, Ukrainian authorities can be seen digging the poor little doggo out of the building with his wining letting the authorities know they were digging in the right direction. When the pooch was pulled out, he was covered in dust and there was dust in his mouth. The authorities noted, “he’s a survivor,” which might be putting it mildly. They then reunited him with his owner, who thanked them in the video. 

Both the dog and his owner received medical care. The Donetsk Regional Police noted, “All is well with them.” It’s a good thing they worked quickly, giving this story a happy ending. 

The Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service (SES) of Ukraine in the Donetsk Oblast provided footage of the rescue, saying, “So much kindness and courage of those who continue to perform their duties under daily shelling.”

It’s amazing that these brave people are giving their lives to save their homeland – and the people and pups who live in it. Here’s to the helpers! 

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