Dog Going Crazy From Seasonal Allergies? This Simple (& Free) Solution Will Save Your Sanity

Many years ago, I had a West Highland Terrier named Lola. She was my first baby, and was spoiled rotten! Several times throughout the year she’d lick her paws and paw at her ears constantly. We’d take her to the vet and he would tell us most likely it was “another ear infection” and give us some drops to put in her ears. I never correlated it to allergies because I didn’t know dogs could even have allergies. After finally doing some research to find out why she was getting chronic ear infections, it was clear to me that she was suffering from seasonal allergies, and they were particularly bad in the Spring and Summer.

Dog Seasonal Allergies

With all the trees and flowers blooming and grass coming back to life, you might notice your dog itching and scratching more. For us humans, symptoms include runny noses, itchy eyes, and scratchy throats. But a dog’s symptoms show up on their skin, and you may not even realize that they have allergies. 

Airborne allergens like tree, weed, and grass pollens get into the dog’s skin and if their skin is unable to block the allergens from getting into their body, it becomes inflamed. This causes them to constantly lick and scratch at it. You may notice their skin looks red, irritated, or even raw or discolored. These are the telltale symptoms of allergies in dogs.  But don’t worry! The symptoms are easy to spot and there are some home remedies that you can try that might just provide the relief that your pup needs.

Dog Seasonal Allergies

Try Home Remedies First

It makes me so sad to know that Lola suffered so many years without our vet acknowledging that it could be allergies until after I asked about it. The first thing he suggested was over the counter and prescription products that could help with allergies, but I preferred trying some remedies at home first. 

1. Shampoo Therapy

There’s this weird idea that you shouldn’t bathe your dog too much ’cause it’ll mess up their coat. Most vets just throw steroids and antibiotics at skin issues. If you’re like me though, you want to avoid heavy meds and go au naturel first. That’s where shampoo therapy comes in – the most underrated natural cure for your dog’s itchy skin woes.

Dog Seasonal Allergies

Your dog’s fur is basically a magnet for all the grimey stuff – dirt, dander, allergens, you name it. A weekly bath is key for getting rid of those irritants, especially if your pup is allergic. Bathing also sloughs off dead skin cells that can turn into bacteria breeding grounds. 

Regular shampoo sessions may even cut down on needing oral antibiotics. But don’t just reach for any old bottle – you gotta use the best hypoallergenic, moisturizing dog shampoo for itchy skin. Oatmeal formulas are ideal for soothing scratchy coats with that colloidal oatmeal goodness. Avoid human shampoos at all costs too. Load up on botanicals like peppermint, burdock and calendula that’ll knock out inflammation and irritation. Just be wary of too much lather that’s tough to rinse and could leave residue behind. With the right shampoo therapy, your pup’s allergies and coat condition will be on point.

Dog Seasonal Allergies -Shampoo Therapy

You can also purchase allergy relief skin spray for in between bathing sessions.

Dog Seasonal Allergies - Shampoo Therapy

2. Brushing Your Dog

Who knew that something as basic as brushing your pup’s coat could be a game-changer for that annoying itch? When your dog’s skin is going crazy, there’s all these inflammatory agents like histamines flaring up and causing that angry red situation. But brushing actually helps chill that out in a few ways.

First up, brushing gets rid of all that dead hair and dander just on the surface, spreading oils properly so bacteria and fungi don’t have a party zone. It also stimulates blood flow to the area, flushing out those itch-inducing toxins faster. And if your dog is rocking a longer coat, brushing out knots and tangles means they won’t be tugging at the skin annoyingly. 

Dog Seasonal Allergies  - Brushing Your Dog

Do a weekly head-to-tail brush sesh, keeping an eye out for any irritated spots to treat with some quality oatmeal shampoo and itch spray. Just don’t brush a wet coat – that’s a recipe for breakage and pain. Dry shampoo is your move for a quick clean and brushed out coat if they’re stinking it up between baths. Brushing is a zero-cost way to bond with your pup while knocking out itchiness.

Other Tips

Internal Hydration and Clean Skin. Healthy skin keeps allergens out of your dog, so internal hydration and clean skin is a must. Feeding your dog foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids can help internally. Venison, salmon, sardines, flax and chia seeds are all great ways to get some omegas in your pup. There are over the counter dog foods and supplements that will do the job as well. 

Dog Seasonal Allergies  - Salmon oil

Get an air purifier for your home. Because I also have allergies it made sense for us to get one and really cut down on our symptoms. Make sure to wash your dog’s bedding at least once a week. We put a large hypoallergenic pillowcase over her bedding to help keep the allergens at bay. And don’t forget to vacuum often because that also helps!

air purifier

If All Else Fails, Talk to Your Vet

We were lucky enough to be able to manage our dog’s seasonal allergies at home. While we never got Lola an allergy test, all vets offer the quick, easy, and painless test. Knowing exactly what your dog is allergic to helps you to be able to defend against the allergens and keep your dog comfortable.

Your vet will also be able to recommend over the counter products that may help (many of the ones we tried didn’t do much) or even offer a prescription medication for your dog to take on a regular basis. 

Whether you choose home remedies or medication, it might take a few different tries to find what works for your fur baby. It’s worth it though because once you find the solution that works for your family, your pooch can get back outside to play without being miserable!

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