9 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is known for its year-round sun and gorgeous sights. This gem of the American midwest has always attracted adventurous minds! It’s a gorgeous location, and its breathtaking views are emblematic of the golden age of cowboys.

Today, you won’t find many wild west antics in Phoenix, but you’ll find plenty of amazing sites and locations. If you’re traveling with your pup, you’ll need dog-friendly restaurants. Phoenix delivers!

1. Aunt Chilada’s

Aunt Chilada’s, A Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ
Source: @ZucchiniTheWeeni

7300 N. Dreamy Draw Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85020

(620) 944-1280


Let’s take a bit out of these dog-friendly restaurants! Phoenix has plenty of dining spots, but none can compare to Aunt Chilada’s. This restaurant’s unique name matches its casual atmosphere and delicious Mexican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Its spacious landscaped patio welcomes dogs, and servers are more than happy to provide complimentary water bowls. Don’t worry about parking, either! Aunt Chilada’s has a sizable parking lot.

2. Angel’s Trumpet Ale House

Angel’s Trumpet Ale House, A Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ
Source: @AngelsTrumpetAleHouse

810 N. 2nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85004

(602) 262-2630


Affectionately known as “Angel’s Trumpet” by locals, this taphouse is one of many dog-friendly restaurants. Phoenix has a thriving local brewery scene, and this casual pub-style dining experience is the perfect place to enjoy the results.

Angel’s Trumpet Ale House boasts 30 rotating taps and a dog-friendly outdoor patio. Water bowls are provided to canine diners while people can enjoy the warmth of Phoenix’s weather and social atmosphere.

3. Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ
Source: @AZWilderness

201 E. Roosevelt St., Phoenix, AZ 85004

(480) 462-1836


This spacious outdoor location is perfect for casual dining. Dogs are welcome to join their owners, and water bowls are available. Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.’s DTPHX location is open daily for brunch and dinner.

4. FEZ

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Phoenix, AZ - FEZ
Source: @FEZOnCentral

105 W. Portland St., Phoenix, AZ 85003

(602) 287-9700


For a unique take on wholesome foods, check out FEZ. This Phoenix favorite is open every day for brunch and dinner. Diners can sample plenty of different entrées from its trendy mix of American and Mediterranean fare.

For pups, there’s an outdoor patio. Complimentary water bowls will be provided on request. If you plan to visit FEZ, be aware that parking is limited. There is no parking lot; you’ll have to find a good streetside parking spot or walk to this dining establishment.

5. The Main Ingredient Ale House & Café

The Main Ingredient Ale House & Café
Source: @TMIAleHouse

2337 N. 7th St., Phoenix, AZ 85006

(602) 843-6246


Locals affectionately refer to this delightful diner as “TMIA.” With its modest parking lot and streetside parking, finding a spot at The Main Ingredient can be tricky, but it’s well worth the wait! This ale house has plenty of brews on tap, and its handmade meals range from wholesome deli sandwiches to filling soups.

Dogs are welcome to dine on the outdoor patio, and complimentary water bowls will be provided.

6. Luci’s at The Orchard

The Main Ingredient Ale House & Café, dog friendly restaurant in Arizona
Source: @LucisAtTheOrchard

7100 N. 12th St. #2, Phoenix, AZ 85020

(602) 633-2442


Located within a spacious outdoor shopping center, Luci’s is the perfect place for diners to sample everything that Phoenix has to offer. Its outdoor patio welcomes dogs, who will be given complimentary water bowls. Once you’re done with your modern traditional dining, you can browse the local artisan goods at the market. Much like its health-conscious food, everything at the marketplace is locally made.

7. Morning Glory Café

Morning Glory Café
Source: @TheFarmArizona

6106 S. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85042

(602) 276-8804


This dog-friendly restaurant is part of Phoenix’s unique Farm at South Mountain. It’s a beloved local landmark that’s more than willing to welcome tourists.

Everything at Morning Glory Café is farm-fresh, including its scrumptious local meats. Diners are welcome to dine on the huge outdoor patio, and there’s plenty of parking.

8. OHSO Brewery Paradise Valley

OHSO Brewery Paradise Valley
Source: @OhSoBrewery

10810 N. Tatum Rd., Phoenix, AZ 85020

(602) 900-9003


There are multiple OHSO locations, but the North Tatum Road location is your go-to dog-friendly spot. OHSO serves a nice variety of classic American food to go with its plentiful tap brews. Dogs are welcome to eat on the patio, and there’s plenty of parking.

9. 32 SHEA

Source: @32Shea

10626 N. 32nd St., Phoenix, AZ 85028

(602) 887-7432


Open for any meal, 32 SHEA is another entry on our list of dog-friendly restaurants. Phoenix locals and tourists love this establishment, which serves a nice variety of foods. Dogs are welcome to dine on the outdoor patio.

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