Disgusting Animal Abuser Drags French Bulldog Mix Behind Truck By the Neck

Content Warning: Graphic imagery; animal abuse; violence toward animals

Lisandro Arellano from Lantana, Florida has been arrested after a motorist reported a case of horrific animal abuse in mid-October 2022. 

Source: www.cleveland19.com

The witness told authorities that they saw a small white dog being dragged by the neck behind a truck driving down a local street. The motorist got the attention of the driver, assuming the situation was an accidental emergency. Clearly unphased that his dog was being dragged down the street, Arellano merely tossed his injured dog into the back of his truck and drove away following the encounter. Thankfully, the witness snapped a photo.

Source: www.cleveland19.com

Arellano kept the injured dog–named Blanco–in his home without medical treatment for around four days before authorities made a visit to his residence. Following an interview and after witnessing the injuries Blanco had sustained firsthand, the 45-year-old Arellano was arrested and Blanco was seized and brought to a local vet.  

Source: www.wtap.com

Despite the injuries and trauma sustained, Blanco is alive and being cared for. Arellano is awaiting trial and has had his bond set at $3,000.

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