Fire Dog Talks Woman Off A Ledge

We already know that dogs are amazing animals and are man and woman’s best friend, but it’s still always a real treat to see that concept in action. To that end I bring you Digby The Rescue Dog. This 4-year-old Australian Labrador’s day job is working for the Devon Sommerset Fire Service and he’s just as much a hero as his human co-workers. 

Digby the hero. NYPost

A few days ago Digby was called in response to a serious situation in which a woman wanted to commit suicide by jumping off a motorway (what they call freeways in the UK) overpass. The police were already on the scene trying to convince the woman to step away from the ledge by the time Digby arrived.

Digby at play. BBC

However, the police were having a tough go of it with the Fire Service writing, “Police negotiators were speaking with the woman but the situation was becoming increasingly worrying.”

But then Captain Digby arrived on the scene. I haven’t actually confirmed that’s his rank, but if it isn’t it should be. I’d even argue for Chief if that were possible because what he was about to do was extraordinary. When Digby arrived on the scene, he got to work. 

The woman saw Digby immediately and asked about him. The officers told her he was a therapy dog. From there the conversation veered away from the woman possibly taking her life to Digby. Eventually the negotiators were able to coax the woman away from the edge of the bridge to come and say hi to the lovable brown shaggy loaf.  

The whole thing started at 11 AM and concluded at 3 PM local time. A full day’s work for Digby, who earned his pint at the pub, so to speak. In reality, it was likely a pup treat. 

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Digby is the best, but he’s definitely not the only pup working with fire fighters. Dogs and firemen have been inseparable for quite a long time. It’s not for nothing that Dalmatians are always featured in classic images and representations of fire fighters and fire trucks.

That face can definitely talk me off a ledge:

But dogs are not just there to be a pretty face. They are true partners as is in Digby’s case. Unfortunately, and someone should really get on this, there are no hard numbers on how many dogs are in the employ of fire departments, but a quick google in trying to find the answer yielded a seemingly infinite amount of results of stories of fire departments welcoming new therapy dogs into their ranks. That’s what I like to see! 

Dogs can save lives in so many ways, different breeds can withstand different conditions allowing them to take decisive action like shielding an injured person in freezing temperatures, or dragging someone out of a fire. But sometimes we forget that they can light up our souls as well. 

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