These Dogs Look Like Other Animals

Did you know that there’s a whole world of wild and wacky dog haircuts out there?

Some dogs need grooming, either because they have long hair that needs to be routinely cut, or because they have a double coat that needs to be brushed out and cleaned a few times a year. Some dogs just go to the groomer for a nice bath and nail trim. 

Sometimes, groomers are given free rein to do whatever they want and indulge in a little creative grooming. (Keep scrolling to learn more about creative grooming)

Is This Fun Or Excessive?

Here are 6 dogs that have been given such a good makeover that they look like a completely different animal!

1. Barking Up the Wrong Tree

Dogs creative grooming: A Bernadoodle groomed to be like Giraffe-themesd makeover

That’s no giraffe, that’s a dog! Meet Sir Winston, a beloved Bernedoodle. After a $375 haircut, this curly-haired cuddle-lover was given a giraffe-themed makeover. This amazing dye job was done by Gabriel Feitosa, who is actually known for turning pups into different animals.

2. A Pup Who Earned Her Stripes

Dogs creative grooming: A Poodle Groomed to be like a zebra

In New Jersey, Bath & Biscuits gave Daphne the poodle an absolutely buck-wild makeover. With a little bit of pup-safe dye and skillful clipping, this pooch was transformed into a zebra! Danielle Wilson, who was in charge of this creative grooming job, even spent some time studying wild zebras to make sure the look was worth neighing about.

3. Digging a Whole New Look

Dog's creative grooming: West highland white terrier dog groomed to be like something else

It may be hard to believe, but that’s no badger! That’s a West Highland White Terrier! Thanks to some gorgeous dyeing and skillful clipping, this little pooch has been completely transformed.

The hands behind the clippers for this job were Deb Compton and her son, who both competed in ABC’s Pooch Perfect.

4. A Really Hot Makeover

Dogs creative grooming: Poodle groomed to be like a camel

Thanks to Sandra Hartness, this standard poodle has been transformed into a camel! Like Danielle Wilson, Hartness says that she spent a year studying and planning this amazing hairdo for her pup, Cindy.

5. A Whole Jungle!

Pooch groomed to be like multi-species work of art / a Cheetah & a sloth

This one’s a doozy! Check out this amazing grooming job, which turns one humble pooch into a multi-species work of art! This is another amazing job by Deb Compton!

We see two animals sculpted with this pup’s coat: a sloth and a cheetah. Do you see any more?

6. A Unicorn!

Vidr is a nice and bright rainbow pony after his grooming session with Lindsey @thegroomergal!!

Source: @thegroomergal @mewmewz11

What is Creative Dog Grooming?

Creative dog grooming is a little bit like what it says on the box. It’s the art of creativity, but it’s expressed through a unique medium. Specifically, groomers use their professional talents to showcase their unique brand of artistry using a dog as the canvas.

The artistry of creative dog grooming has been a niche subculture for a while, but it’s beginning to work its way into the public eye. You may have heard of it through Rebel Wilson’s short-lived series, Pooch Perfect, which had a delightful one-season run on ABC.

Does Creative Grooming Harm Dogs?

While it may look different than regular grooming, none of the things that these groomers do hurt the dog. Pup-friendly fur dyes are used, and many of them quickly rinse out with a nice bath. Even the most complex patterns are a matter of finely honed clipping and shaving skills. In fact, all of the major creative dog grooming championships ban products that are harmful to dogs.

After every competition, each dog is showered with attention. Pooches absolutely love their red carpet treatment, which often involves belly rubs and adoring words from dozens of eager photographers and fans!

Poodle creative grooming
Source: @sauvignonblancthestandard

What Dogs Get the Creative Grooming Treatment?

The most common breed in creative dog grooming competitions is a poodle. This is because their fur is ideal for holding different shapes, and it can be easily and gently teased into certain formations. Bichon Frises are also beloved for their similar qualities.

Nonetheless, creative groomers love to try out their skills on dogs of all shapes, sizes, and coat types! This means that any breed is welcome in the creative grooming circuit, even mixed breeds.

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