Corgi Mix With Pitbull FAQs [With Photos]


Here’s a mix you’ve probably never heard of: corgi mix with pitbull! 

Yep, you read that right. Somewhere out there, there are dogs with the tiny little legs of the classic corgi, the broad head of the lovable pitbull, and of course a loyal following of fans who absolutely adore this rare mixed breed. 

If a corgi mix with pitbull sounds like the dog you’ve always wanted, this is the place for you! Take a look at some of the quick facts about this interesting mix, and find out more about where you can get one of your very own. 

Corgi Mix With Pitbull: The Basics

FeatureBasic Info
Height17–19 inches (43–48 cm)
Weight30–50 pounds (13–23 kg)
Exercise NeedsModerate/High
Family FriendlyYes if appropriately socialized
GroomingLow to moderate, twice a year
HealthGood, expect eye, hip problems
PersonalityAffectionate, Intelligent, Loyal
Price$1,000 – $1,500

This is a relatively new and rare mixed breed, so finding a corgi pit isn’t going to be easy, but if you happen across one, it could be your new best friend. *Dog breeds like the corgi pitbull mix are often the result of accidental litters or backyard breeders. As such, the most ethical place to find one of these dogs is at a shelter, since this breed is unregulated.

Should you find one, the corgi mix with pitbull is an incredibly affectionate pooch. These loyal dogs make amazing family pets, and well-trained individuals will be an absolute delight. However, they require plenty of stimulation. In addition to mental exercise, — such as training and agility courses — corgi pits require a fair amount of exercise. Two walks per day should be anticipated.

These dogs are not hypoallergenic. In fact, they’re almost always shedding! Their double coat means that they are fairly easy to keep up with, but owners should have them professionally groomed at least twice a year.

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Meet Some Corgi Pits!

If you’re interested in seeing what life looks like with a corgi pit, then these accounts are a good place to start! Here are some of Instagram’s most lovable corgi pits.

1. Moose

Moose - Corgi mix with Pitbull
Source: @moose.the.corgi.pit

Even with his little legs, Moose is sure to bound his way straight into your heart! This sweet little pooch loves to relax, but he also enjoys plenty of exercise.

2. Rhyla

Source: @rhylathecorgi

Showcasing the corgi pit’s ability to live in harmony with a family, Rhyla lives her best life in the gorgeous city of Dallas, Texas.

3. Red

Source: @littleredpibble

The zoomies are hard work for this sweet Corgi Pitbull mix, Little Miss Red!

4. Olaf

Source: @sdsylvester93

Showcasing Olaf, this little handsome Corgi Pit mix enjoying the sun on his bench!

Corgi Mix With Pitbull: The FAQ

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s dive into some more specifics. If you’ve ever had a question about the corgi mix with pitbull, then this is the place to be.

How Much Does a Pitbull Corgi Cost?

The few breeders who advertise their corgi pitbull mixes set their prices around $1,000–$1,500. Remember, it will be extremely difficult to find a reputable breeder for this mix since it is completely unregulated. If you have your heart set on a corgi mix with pitbull, keep your eye on local animal control, animal shelter, and rescue websites where you’ll pay between $50-$400 for your new best friend. 

What Is a Blue Nose Pitbull Corgi Mix?

A “blue nose” pitbull is a special color variant of the standard breed. These pups have a gorgeous blueish coat and a light gray coat, and they sometimes have blue eyes. When combined with a corgi, these pups will maintain many of the same desirable color characteristics. So, summarily, these are just a very specific color variation of the corgi with pitbull mix.


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What Is a Brindle Pitbull Corgi Mix?

Like the blue nose mix, a brindle mix is a color variation. These pups will have gorgeous marbled coats. Their fur is often predominantly dark with mixes of gorgeous lighter colors throughout. Dark brown and tan is one of the most common and desirable brindle varieties.

Source: Reddit:Mydrunkmatinee

What Is a Pitbull Corgi Mix Called?

The corgi with pitbull mix goes by many names. One of the most common is corgi pit, although pitbull corgi is also used. I think we can come up with a better name than that…maybe Corbull? Porgi? 

Where Can You Find a Corgi Pitbull Mix for Adoption?

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a corgi pit at a local shelter. Anywhere that takes in dogs has the potential to have a corgi pit, but these are not exactly a common breed. If you plan on looking at your local shelter, keep an open mind! You might find another amazing pooch to take home.

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Where to Learn More About Dogs

If you’re interested in all things canine, then you’re in the perfect place. My mission is to make sure every dog has a loving home, and you can help! Before you bring home a new furry friend, be sure to do your research. Find the right supplies and learn everything you can about the breed. Once you’re satisfied, it’s time to bring home a new best friend!

Regardless of what you pick, you’re bound to find an amazing new friend! With plenty of love, care, and snuggles, you’ll quickly find that any pooch can become the perfect best friend.

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