Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? Separating Fact from Fiction 

Making sure your dog doesn’t accidentally eat something toxic can be one of the more stressful parts of pet ownership. We all know that panicked feeling when our dogs snatch something off the floor, and the mad dash to try to pry it from their jaws before they chew and swallow. With foods like grapes or chocolate, this panic is warranted, and it’s good to be on your toes. 

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? 

However, there are some foods that if you accidentally drop, it’s okay for your dog to clean up for you. Tomatoes are one of these foods! Dogs can safely eat small quantities of ripe, raw tomatoes, but you shouldn’t necessarily make fresh tomatoes a regular part of your dog’s diet. 

Can Dogs Have Tomatoes? 

If the tomato is red, ripe, and unseasoned, it’s always safe for your dog to have a small amount! The type doesn’t matter. So, can dogs eat cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes? Yes—as long as the tomatoes are ripe, red, and free from added salt or seasoning, any variety of tomatoes is fair game for your pup. 

Can Dogs have Tomatoes? 

Tomatoes are included in the formulas of several mainstream dog food formulas, but we don’t recommend adding tomatoes to your dog’s food at home. 

Like humans, dogs can have a tomato allergy. While the vast majority of dogs should be completely fine after eating a small amount of tomato, dogs with allergies may immediately begin showing signs of an allergic reaction. Most allergic reactions to tomatoes will manifest as GI upset like vomiting or diarrhea. However, if you notice that your dog is coughing, wheezing, or having any difficulty breathing, call your vet immediately as this could be a sign of anaphylaxis. 

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes Raw? 

Can dogs eat raw tomatoes, or do they need to be cooked? 

Most often, your dog will encounter raw tomatoes. Whether you grow tomatoes in your garden and your pup snags them right off the plant, or you accidentally drop slices of tomato while making human food, your dog will probably be eating tomatoes raw. 

In moderation, ripe raw tomatoes are safe for your dog to eat

Can Dogs Eat Cooked Tomatoes? 

Can Dogs have Tomatoes? 

Dogs can safely eat cooked tomatoes if they are unseasoned, but you’ll rarely be cooking tomatoes without seasoning. To cook tomatoes, we usually use at least a little added oil, salt, and pepper, which aren’t good for your dog. If you have pure, 100% cooked tomato that is free from any additives or oils, your dog can safely have a small amount. 

What Parts Of The Tomato Can Dogs Eat? 

Dogs should only ever eat the flesh and skin of ripe tomatoes. In small quantities, the flesh and skin of tomatoes are completely safe for dogs, but you may notice that they come out—so to speak—without looking well digested. 

If you are feeding a dog a small tomato, you do not need to remove the core. Large tomatoes like Roma and beefsteak varieties have a woody, tough, hard-to-chew core. Always slice large tomatoes into bite-sized pieces, removing the core, and only give your pup a small amount. 

Dogs should not eat the stems and leaves of tomatoes. While tomato stems and leaves are not toxic to dogs, they are tough, may pose a choking hazard, and can cause an upset stomach. The stems and leaves of tomatoes are also much higher in tomatine than the flesh of the tomato, which can become toxic in large quantities. 

Are Tomatoes Good For Dogs? Nutrition & Benefits

Can Dogs have Tomatoes? 

Tomatoes are a healthy berry—yep, tomatoes are berries—packed with key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that make them pretty good for dogs! While your dog could potentially benefit from the vitamins found in tomatoes, they should never be eating tomatoes in such large quantities that they make up a significant portion of your dog’s nutrition. 

In other words, the small amount of tomatoes your dog can safely eat won’t make a significant dent in their daily intake, and won’t give them much of a health advantage. This said it’s worth knowing what small amounts of nutritional value you might be adding to your dog’s life by giving them the occasional tomato. 

Nutritional Value of Tomatoes for Dogs
Nutrient TypeBenefits
Dietary FiberAids digestion and healthy nutrient absorption.
FolateSupports metabolism, red blood cell function, and cardiovascular health. 
PotassiumAn electrolyte that supports cognition, heart, nerve, and muscle function. 
Vitamin CAn antioxidant that protects against oxidative stress and supports immunity, joint, and bone health. 
Vitamin KSupports healthy bones and muscles, cardiovascular health, immunity, cognitive health, healthy clotting, etc. 

How To Prevent Tomatine Poisoning

In very, very rare cases dogs can eat so many tomatoes that they give themselves tomatine poisoning. Tomatine is a chemical compound found in high concentrations in the stems and leaves of tomatoes and much lower concentrations in the tomato fruits themselves. If dogs ingest too much tomatine they can develop tomatine poisoning, though it is very uncommon for dogs to cause lasting damage from eating tomatoes. 

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? 

Small dogs are at a higher risk for developing tomatine poisoning, but they would still need to eat much larger quantities of tomatoes than most dogs would be willing or able to consume. If you are concerned that your dog has eaten too many tomatoes and is at risk of tomatine poisoning, call your vet to ask for advice. You should also keep an eye out for symptoms of tomatine poisoning like: 

  • Stumbling, tripping, muscle weakness, or loss of coordination
  • Loss of appetite
  • Excessive drooling
  • Lethargy
  • GI upset including bloating, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Shaking, shivering, and tremors

Can Dogs Eat Tomatoes? FAQ

Wondering if you can feed your dog tomato-based foods, or whether your pooch can enjoy different types of tomatoes? Check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions about dogs and tomatoes. 

How much tomato can a dog eat? 

Tomatoes are a sometimes-treat, and shouldn’t become a regular part of your dog’s diet. We recommend feeding your dog no more than 1–2 cherry tomatoes or small slices of big tomatoes per week. If you have a small dog, you may even want to slice cherry/grape tomatoes in half before sharing them with your pup. 

Can dogs eat grape tomatoes? 

Yes! Whether you’re asking “can dogs eat baby tomatoes?” or “can dogs eat slices of beefsteak tomatoes?” the answer is always the same. As long as the tomato is ripe and you feed it in moderation, any variety is safe for your dog. 

Can dogs eat green tomatoes? 

No. Green, unripe tomatoes contain high levels of the compound tomatine, which can be toxic to dogs in large amounts. 

Can dogs eat canned tomatoes? 

No—usually. If you can your own tomatoes at home without any seasonings or preservatives it’s okay for your dog to have a little piece. However, store-bought canned tomatoes are usually made with strong preservatives, salt, and added seasonings, and aren’t safe for your dog to eat. 

If your pup gets a little canned tomato on accident don’t panic, just don’t feed them canned tomato on purpose. 

Can dogs eat tomato sauce? 

No. Tomato sauces include added ingredients like oil, salt, onions and garlic, which aren’t safe for your dog. 

Can dogs eat pasta with tomato sauce? 

No! For the same reason your dog shouldn’t eat plain tomato sauce, they also shouldn’t eat pasta with tomato sauce. The added sodium and seasonings aren’t safe for your dog’s health. 

Can dogs eat tomato paste?

No, most tomato pastes contain added preservatives and seasonings, which aren’t safe for your dog to eat.

Can dogs eat tomato soup? 

No, tomato soup and other human foods are made with added sodium and ingredients like garlic and onion which are bad for your dog’s health. 

Can dogs eat sun-dried tomatoes? 

No. Sun-dried tomatoes are made with salt, which isn’t good for your dog. Some sun-dried tomatoes also have added seasonings, or are preserved in oil, and would cause your dog to have an upset stomach. 

Can dogs eat sardines in tomato sauce? 

No, the added oil, salt, and seasonings in sardines packed in tomato sauce are not good for your dog. 

Can dogs eat lettuce and tomatoes together? 

Yes! Lettuce is a safe food for dogs to eat, and many enjoy the crunchy texture! 

Can dogs eat cucumber and tomatoes together? 

Yes! Dogs often love cucumbers, and they make a great healthy and hydrating treat. If your dog loves veggies, you can try making them a doggy salad with a few pieces of cucumber, tomato, and lettuce leaves. Just remember to always feed your dog treats like vegetables in moderation. 

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