Big White Fluffy Dogs: Meet the 12 Puffiest, Floofiest, Shaggiest Dogs That Redefine Cuddliness!

Welcome to the fluffy side of life, where big white fluffy dogs reign supreme! If you’re a fan of shaggy dog breeds, you’re in for a treat. We’re about to embark on a fun-filled journey exploring the top 10 big white fluffy dog breeds that are not just adorable but also make fantastic family pets. From the majestic Samoyed to the lovable English Sheepdog, these dogs are more than just their white fur; they’re intelligent, loyal, and full of personality.

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1. Bergamasco Sheepdog

Weird Looking Dogs
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Bergamasco Shepherd Quick Facts

  • Height: 22-23.5 inches
  • Weight: 57-84 pounds
  • Lifespan: 13-15 years
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Breed Group: Herding

The Bergamasco Sheepdog, also known as the Bergamasco Shepherd, is a unique and ancient breed with a distinct appearance that might remind you of a walking mop due to its unique coat. This breed’s coat is a defining feature, composed of three types of hair: “dog,” “goat,” and “wool,” which together form what is known as mats or “flocks.” These flocks are not only characteristic of the breed but serve a practical purpose, offering protection from harsh weather and predators​​.

Originating from the Italian Alps, the Bergamasco is renowned for its intelligence, patience, and ability to work hard. Despite its somewhat daunting appearance, it’s a breed that embodies a gentle spirit and shows deep devotion towards its family. These dogs are known for their stubborn streak but balance it with a highly affectionate nature, making them excellent protectors of their home.

One might think that a dog with such a unique coat would require extensive grooming. However, the Bergamasco’s coat is relatively low maintenance. After the initial formation of the mats, the coat requires little care beyond regular bathing. Brushing isn’t necessary and would actually undo the protective mats that form naturally. It’s a breed that combines an interesting look with practicality, especially for those living in colder climates or looking for a dog with a natural, rugged charm.

Breeds with Cords & Mats

The Bergamasco, Komondor, and Puli all have distinct coats due to their hair types but the Bergamasco’s coat mixes undercoat, “goat hair,” and wooly hair, forming mats, not the tight cords seen in Komondors and Pulis. The Komondor and Puli have similar coats that naturally form tight cords or dreadlocks. This difference gives the Bergamasco a unique, rustic look compared to the more uniform corded appearance of the Komondor and Puli.

2. Samoyed: The Siberian Snow Angel

White Fluffy dog: samoyed

The Samoyed, a breed that hails from the cold climes of Siberia, is a large, super fluffy white dog known for its friendly and approachable demeanor. Typically weighing between 50-60 pounds, these dogs are covered in a thick, white coat that is anything but low maintenance. They shed heavily, especially during the change of seasons, and are not considered hypoallergenic. This means regular grooming is essential to keep their coat in good condition and to manage shedding.

Despite the grooming needs, Samoyeds are incredibly popular due to their sociable nature. They are great with families and children, known for their gentle temperament and affectionate behavior. The late Robin Williams, a beloved actor known for his dynamic personality, was a fan of these beautiful dogs. His choice reflects the breed’s joyful and loving nature, making them a wonderful addition to any active family. Samoyeds are often referred to as cloud dogs, because they are such big white floofy dogs.

3. English Sheepdog: The Shaggy Gentle Giant

White Fluffy dog: English sheepdog

The English Sheepdog, often mistaken for a walking mop due to its white shaggy coat, is a large breed that typically weighs over 60 pounds. This big shaggy dog is famous for its role as “Shaggy DA” in the classic Disney movie, showcasing its playful and amiable nature. Their coat, while iconic, sheds and is not hypoallergenic. Regular grooming is essential to prevent matting and to keep their fur in top condition.

Despite their size, English Sheepdogs are known for being incredibly gentle and loving, making them ideal family dogs. They are particularly great with children, displaying patience and kindness. Their playful and patient demeanor has made them a popular choice in various forms of media, symbolizing the perfect family pet. Their ability to bond with family members makes them more than just pets; they become integral parts of the family.

4. Chow Chow: The Lion Dog of China

white fluffy dog: chow chow
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The Chow Chow, with its lion-like appearance and unique blue tongue, is a medium to large dog, usually weighing around 45-70 pounds. This breed is not hypoallergenic and is known for its shedding, requiring regular grooming to maintain its distinctive mane. Martha Stewart, a well-known lifestyle guru, is a notable Chow Chow enthusiast. Her choice reflects the breed’s dignified and somewhat independent nature.

Chow Chows are known for their loyalty and can be somewhat aloof with strangers, making them excellent watchdogs. They have a regal presence and are often described as having a cat-like personality. This breed is best suited for experienced dog owners who can appreciate their unique temperament and grooming needs. Their majestic appearance and loyal nature make them a fascinating breed for those looking for a dog with a strong personality.

5. Great Pyrenees: The Noble Mountain Dog

White Fluffy dog - great pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a breed that commands respect due to its size and presence. Often exceeding 100 pounds, these dogs are covered in a thick, white coat that is both beautiful and functional. They are not hypoallergenic and are known for being heavy shedders, especially during the shedding season. Their coat was developed to protect them from the harsh mountain climates, making it dense and weather-resistant.

Known for their calm and protective nature, Great Pyrenees make excellent guard dogs and family pets. They were originally bred to protect livestock in the Pyrenees Mountains, which explains their patient and watchful demeanor. Despite their size, they are known for being gentle with children and loyal to their families. Their history as livestock guardians is a testament to their patience and strength, qualities that have made them beloved by farmers and pet owners alike.

6. Kuvasz: The Hungarian Guardian

White Fluffy dog - kuvasz
Source: @kuvasz.lovers

The Kuvasz, a breed with royal roots, is a large dog typically weighing between 70-115 pounds. They are not hypoallergenic and do shed, requiring regular grooming to keep their coat healthy. Originally bred as a royal guard dog, the Kuvasz is known for its loyalty and protective instincts. Their imposing size and alert nature make them excellent protectors, yet they are gentle and affectionate with their family.

This breed showcases a balanced temperament, ideal for a family guard dog. They are intelligent and can be independent, requiring consistent training and socialization from a young age. The Kuvasz is a breed that thrives in a family environment where they can be both a protector and a companion. Their loyalty and protective nature make them a unique and valuable addition to any home looking for a dog with guarding instincts.

7. Komondor: The Dreadlocked Defender


The Komondor, with its unique corded coat, is a breed that never fails to turn heads. Often weighing 80-100 pounds, these dogs have a distinctive appearance due to their corded fur, which resembles dreadlocks. They are not hypoallergenic, and their unique coat requires special grooming to maintain its corded look. The Komondor’s coat is a natural defense against predators and weather, making them a resilient and hardy breed.

Originally used for herding and protecting livestock, the Komondor is a vigilant and protective breed. Their coat was developed to protect them from the elements and predators, making them well-suited for guarding duties. Despite their imposing appearance, they are known to be affectionate with their family and are loyal companions. This breed is best suited for owners who can appreciate their unique grooming needs and protective nature.

8. Puli: The Animated Mop

White Fluffy dog - Puli
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The Puli, a medium-sized breed weighing around 25-35 pounds, is known for its energetic and intelligent nature. Like the Komondor, the Puli has a unique corded coat, which is hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for families with allergies. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, is a notable Puli owner, reflecting the breed’s appeal to those who appreciate a unique and lively companion.

Pulis are herding dogs, known for their agility, alertness and playful personality. Their hypoallergenic coat is a significant advantage for those with allergies, but it does require regular maintenance to keep the cords neat and clean. Pulis are known for their high energy levels and need for regular exercise, making them ideal for active families or individuals who enjoy outdoor activities. Their intelligence and trainability make them a joy to work with, and they excel in various dog sports.

9. White Poodle: The Sophisticated Companion

White Fluffy dog - poodle
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White Poodles, available in standard, miniature, and toy sizes, are a very intelligent dogs and know for their elegance, athleticism, and hypoallergenic coat. They are popular among allergy sufferers as they do not shed much. Famous poodle owners include Winston Churchill who took his poodle Rufus with him everywhere he went. Poodles are versatile and excel in various dog sports and activities, showcasing their intelligence and agility.

Poodles are not just about looks; they are highly trainable and make excellent companions for families and individuals alike. Their hypoallergenic coat requires regular grooming to keep it in top condition. Poodles have a friendly and sociable nature, making them great with children and other pets. They are adaptable and can thrive in various living environments, from apartments to large homes with yards.

10. Bichon Frise: The Joyful Companion

White Fluffy dog - Bichon Fries

Even though this dog is not big, we are including the The Bichon Frise because they are so fluffy. They are a small breed, typically weighing 12-18 pounds, known for its cheerful disposition and hypoallergenic coat. They do not shed much, making them a great choice for allergy sufferers. Celebrities like Barbara Streisand have been known to adore this breed for its playful and affectionate nature. The Bichon Frise is an ideal companion for those living in apartments or smaller homes due to their size and temperament.

These dogs are known for their playful and affectionate nature, making them excellent companions for families and individuals. They are sociable and enjoy being around people, thriving on human interaction. Their hypoallergenic coat requires regular grooming to keep it fluffy and clean. The Bichon Frise’s cheerful and loving personality, combined with their hypoallergenic qualities, makes them a popular choice for those looking for a small, joyful companion.

11. White Pomsky: The Arctic Wonder

White Fluffy dog - pomsky
Meet Chase, an all white Pomsky with beautiful blue eyes. He lives in Mission Viejo, CA.

The White Pomsky, a delightful blend of a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky, is a captivating sight with its stunning white coat and striking features. This breed, though relatively new, has quickly gained popularity for its manageable size, typically weighing between 20-40 pounds, and its resemblance to a miniature Husky. The White Pomsky’s coat is a fluffy spectacle, combining the thick fur of the Husky with the softness of the Pomeranian, making it a big white floofy dog in a compact package. While they do shed, regular grooming can keep their beautiful coat in pristine condition.

Known for their playful and affectionate nature, White Pomskies are excellent companions, especially in homes where their energy and enthusiasm can be channeled positively. They inherit the intelligence and trainability of their Husky and Pomeranian lineage, making them responsive to training, though they can have a mischievous streak. Their sociable demeanor means they thrive in family settings, enjoying the company of their human family members and other pets. The White Pomsky’s charming personality, combined with its striking appearance, makes it a unique addition to the realm of super fluffy white dogs.

12. White Shepherd: The Intelligent Protector

White Fluffy dog - white shepherd
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The White Shepherd is a large breed, often weighing 60-85 pounds, known for its intelligence and loyalty. They are not hypoallergenic and do shed a lot, but their loyal and protective nature makes them excellent family pets and working dogs. Their calm demeanor and trainability have made them popular in various roles, including police and service work.

White Shepherds are known for their versatility and adaptability. They excel in obedience, agility, and other dog sports, showcasing their intelligence and willingness to learn. They are affectionate with their family and are known to be good with children. Their protective instincts make them excellent watchdogs, yet they are gentle and loving with their family members. Lots of exercise and mental stimulation are essential for this breed to keep them happy and healthy.

Each of these fluffy white dog breeds brings its unique charm and characteristics. From the hypoallergenic Puli to the loyal White Shepherd, there’s a fluffy white dog for every lifestyle and preference. While their fluffy coats are adorable, they also require regular grooming and care. These breeds have not only captured the hearts of dog lovers but also of many celebrities throughout history. They’re more than just pets; they’re fluffy family members who bring joy and love into our lives.

FAQs on Fluffy and Shaggy Dog Breeds

What are some popular big shaggy dog breeds?

Big shaggy dog breeds include the Old English Sheepdog, known for its playful and affectionate nature, and the Newfoundland, renowned for its gentle temperament and strength. These breeds are characterized by their large size and thick, shaggy coats.

Can you recommend a white shaggy dog breed?

A classic white shaggy dog breed is the English Sheepdog. Known for its friendly disposition and fluffy white coat, the English Sheepdog is a large, gentle breed, perfect for families.

What distinguishes big shaggy dog breeds from other types?

Big shaggy dog breeds are known for their large size and distinctively thick, often long and woolly coats. These breeds typically require regular grooming due to their dense fur and are often very friendly and good-natured.

Are there any large shaggy dog breeds suitable for families?

Yes, large shaggy dog breeds like the Puli the English Sheepdog are great family pets. They are known for their gentle demeanor, loyalty, and ability to bond well with children and other family members.

What is a brown shaggy dog breed I can consider?

The Newfoundland. While they are more commonly known in black, they can also come in brown. Newfoundlands have a dense, water-resistant double coat that can appear quite shaggy, especially when it’s grown out. They are large, gentle dogs, known for their strength and sweet disposition, making them excellent family pets as well as working dogs. There are many ‘doodles’ that appear shaggy as well, like a golden doodle.

Can you tell me about a big white floofy dog breed?

The Samoyed is a perfect example of a big white floofy dog breed. They are known for their majestic and fluffy white coat, gentle nature, and are often used as working dogs in mountainous regions.

What are some shaggy haired dog breeds that are also hypoallergenic?

Shaggy haired dog breeds that are hypoallergenic include the Poodle, known for its curly and dense coat, and the Portuguese Water Dog, which has a thick, shaggy coat. Both breeds are excellent for people with allergies due to their minimal shedding.

Are there any big white hairy dog breeds good for active lifestyles?

The Siberian Husky is a great big white hairy dog breed for those with an active lifestyle. Known for their endurance and love for outdoor activities, they are perfect companions for adventures.

What defines huge shaggy dog breeds?

Huge shaggy dog breeds, like the Saint Bernard and the Tibetan Mastiff, are defined by their massive size and thick, often long coats. These breeds are known for their strength and gentle nature, making them excellent companions and working dogs.

Can you suggest a large shaggy dog that’s also a good guard dog?

The German Shepherd is a great example of a large shaggy dog that excels as a guard dog. They are known for their intelligence, loyalty, and protective nature, making them one of the top choices for a family guard dog.

What is a super fluffy white dog breed that’s easy to train?

The super fluffy white dog breed that is also known for being easy to train are the poodle and the Bichon Frise. These breed are not only adorable and fluffy but also intelligent and responsive, making training a rewarding experience.

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