60 Biblical Dog Names: A Divine Naming Guide for Your Canine Companion

The Bible holds a treasury of timeless stories, profound teachings, and memorable characters. If you’re seeking to honor the spiritual significance and timeless wisdom of the Scriptures, choosing a biblical name for your dog can add a touch of reverence and sacredness. In this article, we explore a variety of biblical dog names, categorized to help you find the perfect name for your faithful friend.

Biblical Dog Names

Catholic Dog Names

These names draw inspiration from Catholic traditions, saints, and figures that hold special significance in the Catholic faith.

FrancisNamed after Saint Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals and the environment.
BenedictInspired by Saint Benedict, known for his devotion to prayer and the founding of monastic communities.
DominicNamed after Saint Dominic, the founder of the Dominican Order and known for his zeal for preaching.
TheresaInspired by Saint Theresa of Avila, a prominent Spanish mystic and writer.
IgnatiusNamed after Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

Old Testament Dog Names For Males

These names are derived from the Old Testament, capturing the richness and depth of biblical narratives.

MosesA name associated with the great leader who led the Israelites out of Egypt.
NoahInspired by the righteous figure who built the ark and survived the Great Flood.
AbrahamNamed after the father of many nations and a figure of faith and obedience.
DavidA name associated with the shepherd boy who became the beloved king of Israel.
Samson Inspired by the mighty warrior known for his incredible strength.

New Testament Dog Names

These names are derived from characters and figures in the New Testament, capturing the teachings and narratives of the life of Jesus and early Christianity.

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PeterNamed after the apostle Peter, known for his boldness and leadership among the disciples.
JohnInspired by the beloved disciple John, known for his deep love and close relationship with Jesus.
MatthewA name associated with the apostle Matthew, who authored the Gospel of Matthew.
MaryNamed after Mary Magdalene, a devoted follower of Jesus and witness to his resurrection.
PaulInspired by the the Apostle Paul, a significant figure in Christianity known for his missionary work and influential writings in the New Testament.

Bible Names for Female Dogs

Biblical Dog Names

These names are specifically chosen from the Bible for their suitability for female dogs, representing strength, grace, and virtue.

RuthNamed after the loyal and devoted figure known for her faithfulness and compassion.
EstherInspired by the courageous queen who saved the Jewish people in the biblical book of Esther.
DeborahA name associated with the wise and fearless prophetess and judge.
AbbyNamed after a wise and discerning woman (Abigail) who prevented bloodshed in the Old Testament.
HannahInspired by the faithful woman who fervently prayed for a child and later gave birth to the prophet Samuel.

Bible Names for Male Dogs

These names from the Bible are suitable for male dogs, representing courage, strength, and unwavering faith.

JoshNamed after the great military leader Joshua who succeeded Moses and led the Israelites into the Promised Land.
CalebInspired by the loyal and courageous spy who, along with Joshua, had faith in God’s promises.
SolA name associated with the wise king Soloman who was known for his wisdom and wealth.
DannyNamed after the righteous Daniel prophet who demonstrated unwavering faith and courage in Babylon.
ZekeInspired by the prophet known for his visions and messages of hope and restoration.

Angelic Dog Names

Biblical Dog Names

These names draw inspiration from angelic beings mentioned in the Bible, embodying divine grace and heavenly presence.

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GabeA name associated with the archangel Gabriel, often recognized as a messenger of God.
MikeyInspired by the archangel Michael, known for his role in spiritual protection and deliverance.
RaphaelNamed after the archangel Raphael, often associated with healing and guidance.
SeraphinaA feminine name inspired by the seraphim, the celestial beings known for their devotion and purity.
UrielA name associated with the archangel Uriel, often depicted as a source of divine wisdom and illumination.

Prophetic Dog Names

These names are inspired by the prophets of the Bible, representing divine inspiration and spiritual guidance.

JerryNamed after the prophet Jeremiah, known for his messages of warning and restoration.
IsaiahInspired by the prophet Isaiah, whose prophecies offered hope and a vision of the Messiah.
ZekeA name associated with the prophet Ezekiel, known for his vivid visions and messages of restoration.
JonahNamed after the prophet Jonah, who experienced a transformative journey and delivered a message of repentance.
Chi-Chi Inspired by the prophet Malachi, whose prophecies addressed spiritual restoration and the coming of the Messiah.

Virtue Dog Names

These names are derived from virtues emphasized in the Bible, representing qualities that are valued and encouraged in the Christian faith.

GraceA name that symbolizes the unmerited favor and divine grace bestowed upon believers.
FaithInspired by the biblical concept of unwavering trust and belief in God’s promises.
HopeNamed after the virtue of hope, representing the confident expectation of future blessings.
CharityA name associated with the biblical virtue of selfless love and compassion towards others.
PatienceInspired by the virtue of patience, reflecting endurance and perseverance in difficult times.

Miracles and Wonders Dog Names

Biblical Dog Names - Miracles and Wonders

These names draw inspiration from miraculous events and supernatural occurrences described in the Bible.

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LazarusNamed after the man whom Jesus raised from the dead, representing the power of resurrection.
ManaInspired by the miraculous bread provided to the Israelites during their journey in the wilderness.
JordanA name symbolizing the miraculous parting of the Jordan River, mirroring the parting of the Red Sea.
EstherNamed after the biblical figure whose story is marked by remarkable interventions and divine favor.
JairusInspired by the synagogue leader who witnessed the miraculous healing of his daughter by Jesus.

Fruits of the Spirit Dog Names

These names are derived from the “fruits of the Spirit” mentioned in the Bible, representing qualities that should be evident in the lives of believers.

JoyA name associated with the biblical fruit of joy, representing an inner sense of happiness and contentment.
Peace Inspired by the fruit of peace, symbolizing harmony, tranquility, and freedom from anxiety.
KindieNamed after the virtue of kindness, reflecting compassion, gentleness, and goodwill towards others.
GennyGentleness: A name representing the fruit of gentleness, signifying humility, meekness, and a tender spirit.
ConnieInspired by the fruit of self-control, symbolizing discipline, moderation, and restraint.

Locations in the Bible Dog Names

These names are derived from significant locations mentioned in the Bible, adding a geographical and historical dimension to your dog’s name.

ZeeZion, a name associated with the hill in Jerusalem and the symbol of God’s presence and deliverance.
BethanyNamed after the village near Jerusalem where Jesus spent time with his close friends.
NazNazareth: Inspired by the hometown of Jesus, representing humility and the fulfillment of prophecies.
CanaA name associated with the village where Jesus performed his first recorded miracle, turning water into wine.
JerryJericho: Named after the ancient city conquered by the Israelites under Joshua’s leadership, symbolizing triumph over obstacles.

Parables Dog Names

These names are derived from the parables of Jesus, encapsulating profound teachings and moral lessons.

SamInspired by the Good Samaritan parable, symbolizing compassion and acts of kindness towards others.
DiggyProdigy: A name representing the Prodigal Son parable, emphasizing forgiveness, redemption, and reconciliation.
TallyNamed after the Parable of the Talents, signifying the importance of using one’s gifts and abilities wisely.
MusyInspired by the Parable of the Mustard Seed, symbolizing faith, growth, and the power of small beginnings.
SullyA name associated with the Parable of the Sower, highlighting the importance of fertile hearts and receptive spirits.

Choosing a biblical name for your dog allows you to imbue their identity with the timeless wisdom, faith, and spirituality found in the Scriptures. Whether you opt for a Catholic-inspired name, an Old Testament reference, an angelic designation, or a name associated with the prophets, your furry companion will carry a name rooted in profound significance and divine inspiration. May these biblical dog names serve as a reminder of the sacred bond you share with your canine companion and the spiritual values you hold dear.

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