Best Dog Halloween Costumes! (judges decide cute and funny dog winners)

– [Rocky Kanaka] Hey! If we’re gonna show you the best dog Halloween costumes, then we have to do whatever it takes. Seriously though, we even have judges deciding the cute and funny dog winners. We did a Growl-O-Ween parade, I actually have a Growl-O-Ween parade every year and this year Halo got to join me.

Now, if you don’t know Jalapeno, he is a rescue dog I’m fostering through Marley’s Mutts, so he is available for adoption, and this is his first Halloween cause he’s only five months old. I mean a five-month old puppy… hit that thumbs up button if you think he’s cute. What’s that? What’s that? Oh, oh okay. Hal says, leave him a comment down below telling him how cute he is, but only refer to him as Super Dog, not Jalapeno.

Okay, and while you’re at it make sure you subscribe to this channel, if you love dogs, if you love dog rescue. It means a lot to me. And if you want, you can also join the channel now. The channel memberships is activated, so more to come on that, but basically the join button is right next to the subscribe, if you want to be a bigger part of the Rocky Kanaka YouTube Channel.

Okay, how am I an expert on the best dog Halloween costumes? Well, because every year I throw a big parade. We call it the Growl-O-Ween parade. And this year we had some of the best DIY costumes and we want you to come along with us and if you’re looking for any last minute Halloween dog costume ideas, I think you’ll see a few at the Growl-O-Ween parade.

Okay, so heres how it works, a bunch of people from all over Southern California gather together at my store, The Dog Bakery, in Pasadena, California. and you wouldn’t believe it, but all the dogs are so well behaved, I think they’re also excited for this Growl-O-Ween parade, I mean, they work really hard on their costumes and the wanna show this off. So, we take this parade, and we all line up. And this year is the biggest we’ve ever had it. I don’t know the official count, but there were at least 100 dogs in Halloween costumes.

So if you haven’t been to Pasadena, California there’s the place called Old Town, and there’s Colorado Boulevard, and all the way down Colorado Boulevard we started to parade. And it’s pretty funny, could you imagine being at one of the stores and walking out and just seeing all of these dogs that have dressed up in Halloween costumes parading down the street? It’s amazing.

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-[Rocky Continues] Jalapeno is one of the funniest dogs I have met. That’s why I think its great that he is in this Halloween costume because, I don’t know, its fun, its funny, he’s a cute dog, but… Just FYI, and you probably know, this is not a DIY costume. I bought this one. I’ll put the link down below to an awesome Super Man costume for dogs and also a link for a bunch of other costumes that I think are really funny dog costumes or cute dog costumes.

Question: Are you going to dress your dog up for Halloween? And if you are… what’s your dog gonna be?

So heres what happens, everybody lines up and then we all take off.

[Parade Leader] Alright guys, come on.

– [Rocky] now after we have the costume contest, and this is where the judges decide the best dog costume. Okay, but do this, as the parade is happening watch and see if you can pick what dog you think would be a winner. Leave a comment down below if you just know.

– [Camera Person] An entire unicorn here?

– [A parader] Yeah!

– [Rocky] Know that there are also 4 categories: there’s small dog, medium dog, large dog and there’s even, ensemble. So if you dress up with your dog, or you dress up as a couple with your dog… a really great example of this would be a horse, at least I think it was a horse, could be a Great Dane… and his little buddy even showed up. I mean…

I never could have guessed when I started having these Growl-O-Ween parades, that we would have a horse enter the competition. But you know what, all species welcome. And we even had a bunny show up, we even had a dinosaur show up. Oh I’m sorry, does the dinosaur bore you?

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Hal, you’re not even in the shot right now, buddy. they don’t wanna watch me man, they wanna watch you. Now everyone line- making a YouTube video with a 5-month-old puppy is a lot more difficult than you might think.

Okay, after the parade, we had the costume contest, like I was talking about, and it was awesome. And let me just say, every dog was a winner, but check out these awesome costumes…

– [Man in the crowd] Are you ready for this?

– [Rocky] Okay. Now we have three judges today.

– [Child] His name is Doc and he’s a little taco.

– [Person Holding Dog] She’s a Miniature Dotson hoping, to be the first female Pope.

– [Woman] Jenny and Charlie, Thing 1 and Thing 2.

– [Rocky] Did you make that?

– [Man Holding Dog] Yeah, all custom.

– [Rocky] That’s cool! Okay, here we go, first medium dog!

– [Rocky Leading Crowd] Happy Growl-O-Ween!

– [Rocky] Here are the best dog costumes according to the judges, which makes it official. For small dog.

[Female Announcer] For small dog we have… Einstein Pennywise!

– [Rocky] Einstein Pennywise, small dog come on up! Okay, and the medium dog winner…

– [Female Announcer] Robin Houdini…

– [Rocky] Robin Houdini for medium dog, come on up! – Large dog:

– [Female Announcer] We have… Ragnar’s Snoop Dogg!

– [Rocky] Ragnar’s Snoop Dogg…

– [Rocky Continues] Snooooop. Okay and the winner for the best combo outfit, now there was a lot of DIY dog costumes in this category, there’s so much creativity. It just blows my mind how everyone comes up with these things. The winner is:

– [Rocky] Cosmo the Pope-mobile. Everyone clear the way for the Pope. but also…

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– [Woman Announcer] Then we have the Sesame Street Gang!

– [Rocky] It was a tie! They were so good! The judges were gridlocked, they could not decide. So they just picked both of them.

Okay, do you agree? Do you think anybody else in there should have been a winner in that competition? Now you could have had the inside track. You see, if you are a member of my channel, if you hit the join button right next to the subscribe button, then you get exclusive first looks, you get to be a part of live videos, you get a special emoji of my dog Flip.

But basically what it comes down to, is you get to be a part of this channel. A lot of you guys say: “Hey look, I wanna help support. What can I do? Can I donate to you?” No, I am not a non-profit. Now, you can always donate directly to the rescue, to the shelter and I definitely suggest you do that. But if you wanna be a part of this channel, if you wanna be a bigger part of what I’m doing, it does help support all of the dog’s day outs we’re making and the fostering that we’re doing, then join, and you’ll get to be part of some really cool stuff.

Again, right down below, next to the subscribe button let me know if you join, and I will also know because you’ll have the special emoji of Flip that you can use and I work really hard to respond to those comments because I see them, it just makes it a lot easier.

Most important: this guy is available for adoption. I will put the link down below in the first comment so you can check it out and share with anybody who you know who might want a Golden Retriever puppy named Jalapeno. I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Named Super Dog.

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