200 Astrology Names for Dogs: A Celestial Guide to Naming Your Canine Companion

Naming your dog is an exciting endeavor, and what better way to choose the perfect name than by looking to the stars? Astrology & astronomy offer a wealth of inspiration for unique, powerful, cute, and elegant names that suit your furry friend’s personality and charm. In this article, we present a celestial guide of astrology-inspired names for dogs, covering various categories to help you find the perfect moniker for your beloved companion.

Astrology Names for Dogs

Astrology Names For Girl Dogs / Astrological Dog Names Female

AstridDerived from Old Norse, meaning “divine strength,” signifying power and charm.
NovaDerived from the astronomical term, symbolizing new beginnings and brightness.
LunaInspired by the moon, representing feminine grace and mystery.
CelesteNamed after the sky or heaven, signifying elegance and heavenly beauty.
Aries Inspired by the first zodiac sign, representing courage and leadership.
VenusNamed after the Roman goddess of love, symbolizing beauty and allure.
PandoraInspired by the astrological name of a moon of Saturn, representing curiosity and enchantment.

Boy Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

OrionNamed after the powerful hunter constellation, signifying strength and bravery.
LeoDerived from the zodiac sign Leo, representing courage and loyalty.
ApolloNamed after the Greek god of the sun, symbolizing greatness and nobility.
ZephyrInspired by the gentle wind, signifying a free-spirited and adventurous nature.
ScorpioNamed after the eighth zodiac sign, representing determination and intensity.
AltairNamed after the brightest star in the Aquila constellation, symbolizing brightness and uniqueness.
SolDerived from the Spanish and Latin word for “sun,” signifying radiance and vitality.

Powerful Astrological Dog Names:

Astrology Names for Dogs
LeoNamed after the zodiac sign, representing courage and strength.
OrionNamed after the powerful hunter constellation, symbolizing bravery and prowess.
DracoInspired by the constellation of a dragon, signifying fierceness and intensity.
NovaDerived from the astronomical term for a sudden increase in brightness, representing power and energy.
LyraNamed after the constellation, symbolizing strength and determination.
CosmoInspired by the universe, representing a bold and cosmic presence.
TitanNamed after the powerful celestial giants, signifying strength and dominance.

Cute Astrology Dog Names:

CosmoNamed after the universe, representing cuteness and charm.
TwinkleInspired by the stars, signifying a sweet and endearing nature.
PandoraInspired by the astrological name of a moon of Saturn, signifying a curious and enchanting nature.
LumiDerived from “luminary,” representing a cute and radiant presence like a star.
CometInspired by the celestial object, symbolizing a cute and energetic nature.
TwylaA playful variation of “Twilight,” representing the charming hours between day and night.
CrescentInspired by the moon’s crescent shape, symbolizing a cute and adorable demeanor.
PlutoNamed after the former ninth planet, representing historical astronomical discoveries.

Rare Astrology Dog Names:

AndromedaNamed after the constellation, symbolizing uniqueness and beauty.
OberonNamed after one of Uranus’s moons, representing rare and magical qualities.
LyraInspired by the constellation, signifying elegance and rarity.
NashiraNamed after a star in the Capricornus constellation, representing rarity and brightness.
NepheliInspired by the clouds, symbolizing a rare and celestial presence.
PleiadesNamed after the Seven Sisters star cluster, signifying a rare and mystical nature.
SiriusNamed after the brightest star in the night sky, representing rare brilliance. Also known as the “dog star”
Astrology Names for Dogs

Unique Astrology Dog Names

LuminaDerived from the Latin word for “light,” representing uniqueness and radiance.
ZodiakInspired by the astrological zodiac, signifying a truly one-of-a-kind nature.
AstroNamed after the celestial world, symbolizing a unique and cosmic presence.
NirvanaInspired by the state of perfect happiness, representing a unique and blissful spirit.
SolsticeNamed after the astronomical event, signifying a unique and celestial charm.
EclipseInspired by the celestial phenomenon, representing a unique and mysterious aura.
CassiopeiaNamed after the constellation, symbolizing a unique and regal nature.

4-Letter Astrology Names For Dogs:

MarsNamed after the planet associated with action and energy in astrology.
VegaNamed after the bright star in the constellation Lyra, representing charisma and charm.
AriaInspired by the musical term, symbolizing a melodious and harmonious nature.
ZeusNamed after the king of the gods in Greek mythology, representing power and leadership.
IrisNamed after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, symbolizing diversity and beauty.
ErosNamed after the asteroid associated with passionate love and desire, representing affection and playfulness.
VegaNamed after the brightest star in the constellation Lyra, signifying allure and brightness.
NovaDerived from the astronomical term, representing new beginnings and uniqueness.

Classic Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

Astrology Names for Dogs
JupiterNamed after the largest planet in our solar system, representing greatness and power.
DianaNamed after the Roman goddess of the moon and hunting, symbolizing grace and independence.
AtlasNamed after the Titan who held the sky, signifying strength and endurance.
MercuryNamed after the Roman god and planet, signifying agility and intelligence.
CeresNamed after the dwarf planet, representing nurturing and motherly qualities.

Cool Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

ZiggyNamed after Ziggy Stardust, a fictional character and alter ego of David Bowie, symbolizing uniqueness and eccentricity.
NebulaInspired by the cosmic cloud, representing a cool and mysterious nature.
CygnusNamed after the constellation, signifying a cool and ethereal presence.
RocketInspired by celestial rockets, representing a cool and adventurous spirit.
AstraNamed after the Latin word for “star,” symbolizing coolness and brilliance.
ZenithInspired by the highest point in the sky, signifying a cool and prominent character.
CosmicNamed after the universe, representing a cool and cosmic charm.

Elegant Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

SeleneInspired by the Greek goddess of the moon, representing elegance and allure.
AureliusInspired by the Latin word for “golden,” signifying regal elegance.
EstelleNamed after the French word for “star,” representing elegance and beauty.
IsadoraDerived from the Greek word for “gift,” symbolizing refined elegance.
GaladrielInspired by the character from “The Lord of the Rings,” representing grace and wisdom.
CassiopeiaNamed after the constellation, signifying elegance and celestial beauty.
NightingaleInspired by the beautiful bird’s song, representing elegance and musicality.

Exotic Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

CassiopeiaNamed after the constellation, representing exotic beauty and regal charm.
AquilaNamed after the constellation, signifying an exotic and majestic nature.
KaliInspired by the Hindu goddess, symbolizing exotic power and fierceness.
ZaraDerived from Arabic origin, representing exotic elegance and allure.
OrionNamed after the powerful hunter constellation, symbolizing an exotic and adventurous spirit.
TritonNamed after the moon of Neptune, symbolizing a spirit of exploration and adventure.
SaharaNamed after the vast desert, representing exotic allure and mystery.
Astrology Names for Dogs
Source: The Dog People

Adventurous Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

AstraNamed after the Latin word for “star,” representing adventurous spirit and cosmic charm.
PandoraNamed after the astrological name of a moon of Saturn, representing adventurous curiosity.
SiriusNamed after the brightest star in the night sky, representing adventurous brilliance.
OrionNamed after the powerful hunter constellation, signifying adventurous strength and bravery.
RoverInspired by exploratory rovers sent to other planets, representing an adventurous and curious nature.
TritonNamed after the moon of Neptune, symbolizing a spirit of exploration and adventure.
VoyagerInspired by the space probes, signifying a daring and adventurous character.
GalileoNamed after the famous astronomer, representing historical significance and intelligence.

Zodiac Sign Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

AriesNamed after the first zodiac sign, representing courage and leadership.
TaurusNamed after the second zodiac sign, symbolizing strength and reliability.
GeminiNamed after the third zodiac sign, representing duality and versatility.
CancerNamed after the fourth zodiac sign, signifying nurturing and sensitivity.
LeoNamed after the fifth zodiac sign, representing confidence and charisma.
VirgoNamed after the sixth zodiac sign, signifying practicality and attention to detail.
LibraNamed after the seventh zodiac sign, representing harmony and balance.
AquaShort for Aquarius, representing an eccentric and friendly nature.

Dog Names Inspired by Tarot Cards

JunoNamed after the High Priestess card, representing intuition and mystery.
RuneInspired by The Magician card, symbolizing manifestation and creativity.
ZephyrNamed after The Fool card, signifying a carefree and adventurous spirit.
EmberInspired by The Sun card, representing vitality and warmth.
TemperNamed after The Temperance card, symbolizing balance and patience.
XanderInspired by The Emperor card, signifying authority and protection.
LunaNamed after The Moon card, symbolizing intuition and the subconscious.
JusticeInspired by the Justice card, representing fairness and truth.
PhoenixNamed after The Death card, signifying transformation and rebirth.
HarmonyInspired by The Lovers card, symbolizing love and connection.

Spanish Dog Names Inspired by Astrology

EstrellaMeans “star,” representing the celestial bodies that guide us in astrology.
LunaRefers to the moon, which holds significance in astrological practices.
LeoPronounced the same way as in English, named after the zodiac sign for “lion.”
MarteThe Spanish name for Mars, named after the planet associated with action and energy.
SoleilPronounced “so-leel,” it means “sun,” symbolizing the center of our solar system in astrology.
PiscisThe Spanish name for Pisces, one of the zodiac signs.

French Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

  1. Étoile: Meaning “star,” symbolizing brilliance and elegance.
  2. Fleur: Inspired by the French word for “flower,” representing beauty and charm.
  3. Gaston: Derived from the French name Gaston, signifying elegance and grace.
  4. Roux: Meaning “red-haired” in French, representing a unique and charming presence.
  5. Amélie: Named after the French film character, symbolizing a whimsical and enchanting nature.
  6. Belle: Inspired by the French word for “beautiful,” signifying elegance and allure.
  7. Pierre: Named after the French word for “rock,” representing strength and stability.
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German Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

  1. Blitz: Meaning “lightning,” representing strength and speed.
  2. Hexe: Inspired by the German word for “witch,” symbolizing mystery and charm.
  3. Ludwig: Derived from the German name Ludwig, signifying greatness and nobility.
  4. Freya: Named after the Germanic goddess of love, representing elegance and beauty.
  5. Heinz: Inspired by the German name Heinrich, symbolizing a strong and brave character.
  6. Zelda: Derived from German origin, signifying a strong and resolute nature.
  7. Anka: Inspired by German, representing grace and charm.

New Age Dog Names Inspired by Astrology:

  1. Zen: Named after the philosophy of calmness and balance.
  2. Serenity: Inspired by the state of tranquility and peace.
  3. Harmony: Signifying a sense of balance and unity.
  4. Aura: Inspired by the energy field, representing a peaceful and harmonious presence.
  5. Karma: Named after the principle of cause and effect, signifying a balanced and karmic nature.
  6. Zephyr: Named after the gentle wind, representing a peaceful and calm demeanor.
  7. Sage: Inspired by the wise person, symbolizing a serene and enlightened spirit.

Celebrity Names Inspired by Astrology & Astronomy

  1. Ziggy Stardust: From David Bowie’s persona, symbolizing an otherworldly and starry presence.
  2. Aurora: Inspired by the natural light display in the Earth’s sky and Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty.”
  3. Sirius Black: A character from the “Harry Potter” series, named after the brightest star.
  4. Andromeda: From Greek mythology and “Clash of the Titans,” representing a heroic figure.
  5. Cassiopeia: From Greek mythology and a character in “Clash of the Titans,” symbolizing royalty.
  6. Elara Kemp: A character from “Percy Jackson” and the moon of Jupiter.
  7. Celeste Wright: A character from “Big Little Lies,” whose name means “celestial” or “heavenly.”
  8. Lyra Belacqua: The protagonist of “His Dark Materials,” named after the constellation Lyra.
  9. Luna Lovegood: A character from “Harry Potter,” whose name means “moon” and “love.”
  10. Stella: From “A Streetcar Named Desire,” symbolizing the beauty and radiance of stars.
  11. Bellatrix Lestrange: A character from the “Harry Potter” series, with a name meaning “female warrior” and referencing a star in the Orion constellation.
  12. Arcturus Mengsk: A character from the “StarCraft” video game series, named after a real star.
  13. Nova Terra: Another character from “StarCraft,” whose name reflects the celestial theme.
  14. Cosmo Kramer: From the TV show “Seinfeld,” whose first name means “order” in Greek and relates to the cosmos.
  15. Luminara Unduli: A Jedi Master from the “Star Wars” universe, with a name suggesting luminosity.
  16. Orion Pax: From the Transformers series, named after the constellation Orion.
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Finding the perfect name for your dog can be an exciting and meaningful process. By drawing inspiration from astrology, zodiac signs, celestial bodies, and horoscope, you can choose a name that reflects your canine companion’s unique traits and aligns with the cosmic energies. Whether you opt for a badass, cute, elegant, rare, or adventurous name, the celestial guide to naming your dog offers a celestial touch to your furry friend’s identity. Embrace the mysticism and beauty of the stars as you name your beloved canine companion!

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