Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Pet's Location : Wildomar, California
  • Pet's Age : Mature adult
  • Pet's Breed : pitbull
  • Pet's Gender : Female
  • Pet's Size : medium
  • Pet good with other pets? : Unsure
  • Pet good with kids? : Unsure
  • Pet good with cats? : Unsure

Valerie, a 5-year-old Pit bull mix nicknamed by Rocky for her strength and resilience, was found by a good samaritan on cross roads nearby the shelter. She was placed into night drop and the good samaritan provided as much information as they could on her. Unfortunately, without a microchip and only a collar with no ID tag, they could only give details on where she was found and how she behaved. 

Clearly emaciated, Valerie is sluggish and slow to move. However, with the shelter feeding her small portions multiple times a day with a slow feeder, they are setting her up for success as she heals. Rocky sits in with her to provide her comfort in a low point in her life, and she comes around to enjoy his company. 


Lovebugs Rescue pulled her from the shelter and is being fostered personally by Kelly of Lovebugs! Here’s what she had to say: “So far her test results are coming back normal for a malnourished dog. Which indicates that her poor condition is not the result of something medical going on, rather that she was starved. Whether intentional or not, we don’t know. She was turned into the overnight drop box at the shelter as a stray, and that person did leave their contact, so likely not a former owner. But the question remains, how did she get in this condition?

Right now they are feeding her frequent small meals and getting her the medical care she needs and I just want to pass along a BIG Thank you Lovebugs for being so amazing.


I have some sad news to share about our sweet emaciated pittie Valerie.. yesterday Kelly from Lovebugs Rescue let us know that she crossed the rainbow bridge suddenly and somewhat unexpectedly. Its heartbreaking finding out news like this, but it gives me some peace knowing that she was so well cared for in her final days.

Here’s some of Kelly’s words below:

This morning when Valerie and I woke up, she could barely move and her gums were pale as could be.

I rushed her to the vet and we ran tests, did xrays and ultrasound, and found she was bleeding internally. It turned out that she did have a tumor either on her liver or spleen, and it had ruptured. Because of her emaciated condition she wasn’t a candidate for surgery. We could see blood in her abdomen. Her blood pressure was low and she was in dire need of a blood transfusion but vet felt that truly the most humane thing to do was let her go.

The rescue did not take this lightly. We contemplated it for a while. But she had kept losing weight despite all of the great care we were giving her, and we just really knew that there was absolutely nothing we could do to save her. She was already going into shock.

I held her close and was giving her kisses as she passed. It literally took seconds. She was so close to passing as it was.

Please know she was so loved. She got bully sticks because they were her favorite. She had extremely healthy food, soft blankets, wagon rides around the block, everything she needed, and all the love in the world. If love could have saved her, she would still be here. I am heartbroken.

Watch Valerie’s Video Below:

***Valerie is not currently available just yet for public adoption, as she needs to heal more from her emaciated condition..***