Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Williston, Vermont
  • Dog's Age : mature
  • Dog's Breed : labrador Retriever
  • Dog's Gender : Female
  • Dog's Size : medium

Oreo aka Viva is unfortunatly once again searching for her forever home. She was adopted a little over a month ago. While her new family loves here very much they don’t feel that they have the environment that is best for her to thrive. Below is what they have to say about Oreo, of you think you can offer this sweet girl a forever home, with no other animals, please fill out a non bulldog application today! I wanted to share some of the wonderful things (and also the difficult ones) in that hopes that it will help Viva find her perfect forever home. Viva is a very intelligent and silly girl. She is quick to learn new tricks and skills and loves training time. Viva barely sheds, licks, or barks. She loves to go for walks and runs. She runs up to 2 miles and would probably go further (and much faster) if we tried. She is obsessed with rides in the car and would prefer to sit up front (I think she’d prefer to try to drive if we let her!) but will ride in the back when told firmly that that’s where she belongs. She loves chin scratches, belly rubs, chewing sticks or her nylon bone, and playing tug of war with her rope. She has the silliest, funniest zoomies. She’ll jump and turn in the air and she can throw balls and toys back towards you (though not on command yet.) She doesn’t beg. Usually doesn’t even come in the kitchen when we’re eating. She occasionally jumps on people but not often at all. Just tell her no and she stops. She isn’t destructive. She doesn’t touch anything that doesn’t belong to her. Viva has also recently experienced kayaking. We practiced on dry land and rewarded her with treats for getting in and sitting down. Recently, we took her to a small pond to practice and she got right in and seemed very happy to sit in the kayak while we paddled around. We haven’t tried a big lake yet as we wanted to get her used to a doggie life jacket before trying something we couldn’t stand in ourselves. Viva has boundaries and she will let you know when you’ve crossed them. She may be enjoying having her belly rubbed and then she will decide she’s all done and let you know with a growl and sudden movement away from you. She is extremely pray driven around cats and will run (very fast) to chase them and will chase them up a tree. She is trained to an invisible fence but if something is tempting enough (like a delicious looking cat) she will run right through, take the shock, and keep running. Viva can also be aggressive around dogs. Sometimes she completely ignores them but other times she aggresses. Usually she can quickly be pulled back by her leash. I think Viva would be the perfect pet for an active adult with lots of land or a good, strong, solid fence who does not care to interact with other people’s pets while with her. Somewhere where she can chase rabbits and squirrels to her heart’s content. Someone who would love to pet her when she’s in the mood and respect her wishes when she’s not in the mood. Again Oreo/Viva will need to be the only animal in the house. She will NOT be an off leash dog, an active family with a fence ( NOT electric) would be the best option for her. If you think she sounds like the missing piece to your family puzzle, please fill out a non bulldog applicaton today!