Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Pet's Location : Wildomar, California
  • Pet's Age : Senior
  • Pet's Breed : golden Retriever
  • Pet's Gender : Male
  • Pet's Size : large
  • Pet good with other pets? : Yes
  • Pet good with kids? : Unsure
  • Pet good with cats? : Unsure

Milo is a 12-year-old male Retriever mix that was turned in by his owners. It’s suspected he was turned in due to a divorce, and apparently the owner took selfies with Milo before leaving him at the shelter. What makes Milo’s situation all the more tragic is that he was adopted as a young puppy 12 years earlier at Animal Friends of the Valleys, back in 2012 when he was just a few months old, as part of a stray litter.

Milo is extremely friendly and personable with everyone he meets, and did exceptionally well with his grooming while at the shelter. Shortly after being groomed and featured with Rocky during his livestream, Milo got accepted into a rescue.

Milo has gone to The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles Rescue; you can find more information on their website here. Let’s go Milo!