Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Thief River Falls, minnesota
  • Dog's Age : mature
  • Dog's Breed : labrador Retriever
  • Dog's Size : large

Max was returned. He would do best in a home with no small children under 10, he did ok with older children.He is House Trained; he goes to the door when he needs to go potty.

He loves to get you to play with him, if he wants your attention and you not giving it to him, he will grab anything to make you come get it!! Books, toys, balls, blocks! Nothing is safe!! Lol, but he does it playfully, he doesn’t chew the stuff or destroy it. Most times he walks past the kids and doesn’t care they are there.

He would be better suited with a home with no cats. He almost pulled my arm off for a block when he saw a cat on our walk! He loves to jog. Plays fetch and tug of war.

Hasn’t destroyed anything or gone potty in the house even when downstairs by himself through the night! He doesn’t need much training at all, just to settle down with the jumping. Kneeling down and saying Calm Max while petting his head and neck seemed to work best for us. He will pay and sleep next to you or go lay on the floor (In the 1st place we put a blanket and said lay down!) He is very curious about smells in the kitchen and when eating, he has mostly just sniffed the food and leaves it alone, except for steak and ice cream! He will lick or eat that!

6/16/22 Today has been a bittersweet day. It is Max’s year anniversary at the shelter 🙁. You see when Max came in, he was a bit unruly. He had some issues with jumping and mouthing. Max has come a long way! We can handle him with no issues now. We now can walk him on a leash, and he isn’t trying to mouth anymore. He has really turned into a good boy! Staff always wants to go the extra mile for the animals in our care, so we celebrated Max’s Day out! He got a hamburger (he hated the bun) and a pup cone from DQ! He got a car ride, went to Tractor Supply to pick out some toys, and took a nice walk in the park!

Max has been paired with other dogs, but a meet and greet are recommended for potential roommates. He does need some training in a house as he has never had that luxury. Our staff has sponsored his adoption fee in hopes someone will try him out! Please share in hopes of finding this guy a home!! 🐶🐶🐶🐶❤️❤️❤️❤️