Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Los Alamitos, CA, california
  • Dog's Age : senior
  • Dog's Breed : yorkshire Terrier
  • Dog's Size : toy

Marbella is a female 8-9 yr old silky/yorkie type mix, a little 10 lb girl (a little chunky and she should be 8-9 lbs) with the prettiest expression on her face.

She is sweet and social and loves attention/love. Marbella came to us with huge mammary masses, they have been removed and biopsied and were thankfully benign… now she needs a home who will take great care of her and love her forever.

She does guard her person and is fiercely loyal, so a single person home maybe best unless you are comfortable with some training for resource guarding. She gets along with the dogs and cats in the foster home and does not look or act her age, she is pretty active.