ELLIOTT up for Adoption

Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Pet's Location : FOSTERS, Alabama
  • Pet's Age : Puppy
  • Pet's Breed : border Collie
  • Pet's Gender : Male
  • Pet's Size : small
  • Pet good with other pets? : Yes
  • Pet good with kids? : Yes
  • Pet good with cats? : Yes
  • Is the rescue able to transport the dog to owner's location? : Pick up locations are in Fosters, AL or Halifax, VT

Meet ELLIOTT ” Adopt a Lifetime of Love – Collie Mix Puppies Await ” Ever dreamt of having a furry friend that’s not just adorable but also super smart and loyal? Your dream can come true! Meet our charming collie mix puppies, ready to leap into your life and heart. With a sparkling intelligence and endearing friendliness, these pups are pure joy wrapped in fur.

They’re highly trainable – perfect for both active families and loving individuals. Plus, they’re professionals at cuddling! Adopting one of these bundles of love not only fills your home with happiness but also saves a precious life. These cuties were rescued from an urgent situation and now eagerly await a home like yours. Your new best friend comes with up-to-date vaccines, a microchip, and the promise of unconditional love.

All these wrapped in one furry package with an adoption fee of $395. Pups can be transported to the New England area. Because we believe everyone deserves a chance at a forever home, regardless of where they started. Listen to the joy our adopters share: >”Adopting from No Greater Love was a breeze, we felt supported every step of the way, and now we can’t imagine life without our sweet Bandit and Fifi.” >”After losing our beloved dog, these two puppies brought light back into our lives. No Greater Love Rescue truly cares and made the adoption process heartfelt and simple.” >”Outstanding experience! NGL was honest, supportive, and made adopting our new family member smooth. We are forever grateful!” Are you ready to make a life-changing impact by welcoming a loving collie mix puppy into your life?