Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Rice Lake, wisconsin
  • Dog's Age : senior
  • Dog's Breed : siberian Husky
  • Dog's Size : large

Just THREE months ago Toky and Chanel were moments away from euthanasia when Permian Basin Animal Advocates asked us at Little Red Barn Dog Rescue (Rice Lake WI) if we could assist- we couldnt say no!

TOKY is genuinely one of a kind at his old age. He is 9 years old (likely older) He would do good with other older dogs but you would need be careful of a dog too playful at his old age. Toky does get vocal and mouthy with other dogs- but he wouldn’t hurt a fly! He will bark over food and treats. He tends to think he’s starving (he definitely isnt!) Toky would need to be watched around young kids with food as he is not gentle when it comes to taking/eating treats. Tokys favorite snacks are papertowel and anything you leave out on the counter/table LOL.
He does great going potty outside, but because of his age he will have accidents if left alone too long. He loves walks and meeting new people is his favorite!

CHANEL is a sweet girl who’s favorite activity is napping on the couch and lounging outside! She is also around 9 years old. She does great with all other dogs and loves making friends. She will not have accidents while kenneled. She has had occasional accident if left free roam in the home for a long period of time. She will get vocal with dogs that are too hyper or in her business but she usually let’s anything slide. She is great with kids but is not very agile around the small ones.
Chanel would be the perfect dog for anyone wanting all the snuggles!

Adoption fee is $200(EACH) or $325 (TOGETHER)and includes current vaccinations for distemper/parvo, bordatella, rabies, parasite treatments for fleas/ticks/worms, CVI, microchipping, 4DX testing and spay/neuter! If you are interested in adopting one (OR BOTH) please file an adoption application on

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