Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Dog's Location : Colorado Springs, colorado
  • Dog's Age : young
  • Dog's Breed : boxer
  • Dog's Size : medium

Bella is about a 34lbs boxer maybe cattle dog mix who is nicknamed the Energizer Bunny because it seems she always has energy and is ready to go. She loves going into the pool and playing with other dogs. She loves meeting new people not caring about their age. She does know how to use a doggy door and knows sit. Bella was tested with cats at the last rescue she was at, she is pushy when smelling something new whether it be a dog or a cat. She will need to meet the new dog before going into the house with them as she does get excited when seeing a new dog. She does want to play with them to get to better know them. She runs around with toys when she gets happy after getting one. She does play with bigger dogs since she can match their play styles much better then smaller dogs. She doesn’t tear up toys or blankets and chews on what she is supposed to. Bella is a fast learner since she is treat motivated.