Here's What You Need To Know:

  • Pet's Location : Maui, Hawaii
  • Pet's Age : Senior
  • Pet's Breed : pitbull
  • Pet's Gender : Male
  • Pet's Size : large

Roses are red, daffodils are yellow, my name is Linda, though I look like a fellow. I’m not only a lady, I’m a *Certified Senior! But hang on before you start thinking ‘I wanted a younger dog’ because with me you get both. I’m all grown up but a child at heart – I’m energetic, uber friendly, love meeting new people, great with kids, walk like a champ on a leash, I like road trips, hiking, going to the beach, food, affection, toys, boys and showing off my smarts – sit, stay, down and grab me a soda (well, I’m working on that command). Sometimes I get overly excited meeting other dogs so thoughtful introductions to canine friends are best. I’ve been here a while and you may be asking, why hasn’t Linda been adopted? She sounds like the ideal pet. That’s the $64,000 question! Adopt me and you’ll feel like a winner and as an added bonus, my adoption fee has been sponsored by a family in honor of their dog Bear.

*A Certified Senior is a dog over 7 years old who has had the common age-related veterinary conditions addressed. Full Body Blood Work has shown that they are generally healthy. They also have received a dental examination and any problem teeth have been treated. And they will go home with a few extra things to get them started with their new family.

Need a little extra time to make a decision about adopting me? Our Paws to Adopt program gives you 10 days with me in your home before you need to make a decision or finalize the adoption! When you come in ask the front office for details or if I’m currently in a foster home give them a call to set up a time to meet me – 808-877-3680, Ext. 3.

From rescue coordinator:

Linda is one of our absolute favorite seniors. Just over 8 years old, by her spunkiness and playful energetic personality, you would have thought she was just 8 months old. Linda LOVES car rides, hikes, going to the Beach, dressing up, eating cheese – she really is an unbelievable, hilarious, affectionate dog. She’s gone on our Paws-to-Adopt (10 day adoption trial) and unfortunately was returned but no one in the shelter can truly answer why Linda is still here.