This dog was adopted days before elderly owner, went missing. What the dog did next was incredible.

This dog was adopted just days before elderly owner, with dementia, went missing. What the dog did was incredible.

An 84-year-old woman named Pearl Radcliff was reported missing earlier this month following her family’s discovery that she was not in her Houston, TX home. Local authorities put out an immediate silver alert and began searching for Pearl in and around her neighborhood with the help of her family. 

84-Year-Old Missing Woman

Pearl’s nephew, Dwayne Griffith, received a call two days after his aunt’s disappearance with information that she had been found and was being transferred to a local hospital. Pearl had been found laying on a sidewalk, unconscious but thankfully safe and alive. With Pearl was her dog, a beautiful black pitbull mix named Maximus. 

84-Year-Old Missing Woman Found Safe with Recently Adopted Dog
Source: Khou11

According to authorities, Maximus had remained by Pearl’s side throughout her 48-hour disappearance, likely protecting her and giving her comfort. While dog lovers won’t have trouble imagining their loyal pups following them to the ends of the earth, what makes this story so remarkable is that Maximus was adopted just over a week before Pearl disappeared. 

Pearl had adopted Maximus exactly 9 days before she left her home, and yet the two had already formed a strong and loving bond that kept the pup by her side. 

84-Year-Old Missing Woman adopting a dog
Source: Khou11

Pearl has recently begun suffering from memory loss and dementia, which can cause disorientation, confusion, and impulsive behavior. It appears that Pearl wandered from her home, became disoriented, and was unable to find her way back. Luckily, Maximus was there to keep an eye on her until she was found. 

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The dog who was by 84-Year-Old Missing Woman side
Source: nypost

Maximus was kept overnight by animal control while Pearl was evaluated at a local hospital, but he is now safely back with the family and will be cherished for the rest of his life for the role he played in bringing Pearl home. 

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