10-Year-Old Dog Rescuer Gets His Own Show

There aren’t many kids on this planet who would turn down their own dedicated Disney show, and Roman McCann is living the dream! At just 10 years old, this passionate dog rescuer’s story has caught the attention of Disney, and he’s getting his own television show… Roman to the Rescue.

Who Is Roman McCann?

Source: Disney XD

It may seem crazy to get your own television show at ten, but Roman has definitely earned the right!

When he was just four, Roman McCann was heartbroken to see all of the dogs in his local shelter. When he learned that many of these pooches would be euthanized, he knew he had to do something! This led him to enlist his family’s help, and they worked together to found Project Freedom Ride in 2016.

The staff of Project Freedom Ride works hard to create videos about adoptable dogs, which aim to give every pup a fair shot at adoption. These videos have helped 1,700 dogs find loving homes, and that’s a number worth barking about!

What Is Roman to the Rescue?

Obviously, Disney can’t follow 1,700 dogs. They can, however, focus on 17 of them!

Currently, there are 17 episodes of Roman to the Rescue — one for each amazing rescue pup. The first seven were released together on Disney XD and its streaming services in February of 2022. Each installment features Roman showcasing a lovable pup and, with the help of celebrity peers, matching that pup to the perfect home.

“We pick ones that have been there the longest,” Roman said, explaining how potential pups were chosen for the show. He went on to elaborate, pointing out that dogs with low adoption rates were prime candidates, namely “pit bulls, labs, and other big dogs.”

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Source: Disney XD

If you’re interested in watching this heartwarming show, you can catch reruns on Disney XD. Individual episodes may also be viewed on Disney’s streaming services, Hulu and Disney Plus.

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