You Won’t Believe Why This New AppleTV+ Series Uses a Talking Dog as the Narrator

Lessons in Chemistry” is a captivating novel that has won the hearts of many, including mine. When I heard it was being adapted into an AppleTV+ series I eagerly awaited its premiere. We’re now up to episode 3 and the series as not disappointed. Most importantly, it’s retained one of the most unique elements of the book: the talking dog, Six-Thirty, as a narrator. But this choice wasn’t just a whimsical decision; it was a calculated move that added layers of depth to the story.

New AppleTV+ Series Uses a Talking Dog as Narrator
Source: APPLETV+

“Lessons in Chemistry” is a novel that delves into the complexities of human relationships, societal norms, and the challenges faced by working women in the scientific field during the 1960s. Written by Bonnie Garmus, the book quickly rose to acclaim, becoming a bestseller and earning praise for its wit, charm, and insightful commentary. The series adaptation boasts a stellar cast, with Brie Larson leading as the protagonist and Lewis Pullman sharing a heartwarming bond with Six-Thirty, our canine narrator.

This Goldendoodle Is a Beacon of Hope & Love

New AppleTV+ Series Uses a Talking Dog as Narrator
Source: APPLETV+

In the midst of a story centered around human struggles and aspirations, Six-Thirty emerges as a beacon of hope, love, and resilience. His presence isn’t merely a narrative tool but a reflection of the story’s heart and soul. His interactions, observations, and the unique perspective he brings to the events unfolding around him make him an integral part of the narrative. One of his most poignant reflections captures this essence perfectly:

“What can you say to someone who’s lost everything? And then it came to me. This thing Calvin used to say every time we’d get tired of running. ‘That’s the beauty of running,’ he’d say, ‘When you don’t think you can move forward. When you’re sad about your yesterdays or not sure what’s going to happen tomorrow. Your purpose is just being there putting one foot in front of the other. One foot, one foot, one foot. It’s all you have to think about. One foot. One foot. And then, sure enough, you’ll be home.'”

Six-Thirty. Dog from Lessons In Chemistry
New AppleTV+ Series Uses a Talking Dog as Narrator
Source: APPLETV+

Why Tell The Story From A Dog’s Point Of View?

Some may think that it’s odd or surprising that the voice of reason in the book is a talking dog! The unique narrative choice provides depth and a fresh perspective to the story.

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Six-Thirty offers an emotional lens through which viewers can explore themes of grief, loss, and human relationships. The character’s narration in the original novel was universally beloved, and the show’s creators saw an opportunity to bring this distinctive element to the screen.

Additionally, Six-Thirty’s character challenges conventional notions of animal intelligence and emotions, making viewers rethink the depth of understanding and emotions our pets might possess. The choice to have a dog narrate parts of the series is not just a creative gimmick but a profound exploration of emotions, relationships, and the human-animal bond.

A Fresh Perspective: Through Six-Thirty’s eyes, we’re offered a unique lens into the world. His observations, devoid of human biases, provide insights that might otherwise be overlooked.

Themes of Acceptance: Six-Thirty’s character delves into themes of acceptance, tolerance, and understanding. His journey, being different from other dogs, mirrors the human quest for acceptance.

A Touch of Whimsy: Six-Thirty adds a delightful dose of whimsy to the series, making it more engaging.

Six Thirty’s Name Is Really Gus

New AppleTV+ Series Uses a Talking Dog as Narrator
Source: / APPLETV+

Behind the character of Six-Thirty is Gus, the lovable Goldendoodle. Gus was chosen for the role not through auditions but because of his undeniable charm. Steve Berens, the dog trainer on the set, found Gus while searching for a dog that could embody Six-Thirty. Gus was being rehomed by a private party, and after spending some time with him, Berens felt he was perfect for the role. Gus’s training involved multiple short-duration sessions, with plenty of breaks, praise, and treats. The bond between Gus and the actors, especially Lewis Pullman, was evident.

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Interestingly, the book described Six-Thirty as an “ugly” dog, a stark contrast to the adorable Goldendoodle we see on screen. This change, while noticeable, doesn’t detract from the essence of the character. Instead, it adds a layer of visual appeal and further emphasizes the show’s themes of acceptance and looking beyond appearances.

“Lessons in Chemistry” has masterfully woven a tale that’s both heartwarming and thought-provoking. Six-Thirty, with his unique perspective and Gus’s endearing portrayal, is at the heart of this narrative, making it a must-watch for all.

Lessons In Chemistry Official Trailer

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