Woman Reunites with Lost Dog After 2 Years

It’s stories like this that help to restore your faith in humanity, and maybe, just maybe, make you believe a little bit in miracles.

When Simone Brown – now a resident of Scottsdale, Arizona – made a cross-country move from New York to California, she was forced to face a nerve-wracking decision. Prada Chanel (incredible name), her four-year-old Yorkie, couldn’t come along and Simone needed to find a safe and loving home to care for her. 

An acquaintance, a truck driver with several children, volunteered to take Prada. Devastated by the thought of leaving her pup, Simone made him promise that he would take care of her and always keep her safe. After being reassured that Prada was in good hands, Simone agreed to leave her with the truck driver and his family. 

dog lost for two years reunites with owner

Look at that little scruffball!

Two years passed, and although Simone had faith that Prada was taken care of, she never stopped missing her four-legged friend. If you’ve ever had to give up a dog, moved away from a family pet, or lost one due to illness or old age, you know you never really stop missing them. 

So, when Simone got an unexpected call from a nearby rescue group telling her that they had found Prada, Simone was understandably surprised. It seems Prada was not safe and sound after all.

Joann Canafax, a volunteer with California-based animal rescue Save My Tail, was driving through the desert when she spotted two small dogs amongst a pile of trash. They were raggedy and malnourished and had clearly been scavenging for food in the pile of garbage. Joann managed to catch the dogs and brought them to the vet for medical care and to check for a microchip. 

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One of the dogs was chipped, and the information on the database gave them Simone’s phone number. Simone knew immediately from the description that it had to be Prada, and was overjoyed at the chance to be reunited. After a much-needed wash and groom, some time to rest, and a few good meals, Prada and a rescue volunteer were on their way to Scottsdale to see Simone. 

Waiting anxiously with her children and a film crew from Fox News, Simone instantly burst into tears upon seeing the now 6-year-old Prada Chanel. 

woman reunites with dog

Reunited at last.

“Thank you so much, I am so grateful for you, you are like my Santa!” Simone said to the volunteer. “I love her so much. I will not let her go anywhere else, and I promise that.”

While it’s not clear whether Prada was intentionally left in the desert, or if she escaped from the truck driver and his family, it’s clear that she was never meant to be away from Simone! Thanks to Simone’s decision to have Prada microchipped and registered to her when she was just a puppy, this pooch is safely back home where she belongs!

A gift from “Santa”.

I love to hear stories like this where pets end up exactly where they need to be. It is so important for all dog (and cat) owners to chip their pets, and keep their registration current. If you’re not sure whether your pet is microchipped, talk to your veterinarian. It could be the best decision you ever make for your pet’s safety. 

About Rocky Kanaka

I’m a pet rescue advocate, Emmy-nominated host and creator of my own show. My passion is sharing stories about rescue dogs, pet adoption, fostering, and volunteering because I believe that every dog deserves a loving home. I’m a dog dad to a rescued boxer named Flip, a blind Cane Corso called Kobe, and a senior terrier-mix named Zoey, along with the many foster dogs I help on their way to their forever home.

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