Tommy Lee’s desperate grasp for relevancy frightens puppy unnecessarily

Kevin Mazur, Getty Images / Twitter: @MrTommyLand

Motley Crue drummer pulled an actual dachshund out of his pants while performing in Los Angeles. It was an obvious play on words as dachshunds are also known as wiener dogs and Lee wanted to reference his own!

About half way through the concert, Lee tells the story of how he was totally drunk in Bora Bora and posted a full frontal nude selfie shot on his Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It was in violation of Instagram and Facebook’s community guidelines so it was removed after about 5 hours. The wiener stunt was a nod to that incident.

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It happened about half way through the concert and no one is sure how long the dog was actually in the performers pants.

Lee said, “…They took them [the photos] down from Instagram… you guys wanna see my wiener? Yeah? You wanna see this sh*t? Is that a yeah? All right, let’s go! I’m gonna show you my wiener”

He then lowers his pants and holds the terrified dog with both hands. He then appears to take the dog (hopefully) off stage and to safety.

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“The crowd was going crazy,” said Cresta Banuelos who attended the concert at SoFi stadium on August 27th. “It was so classic. Everyone was saying, he’s not gonna show us his bleep… or is he” She wasn’t sure how long the dog had been hiding out in Lee’s pants but at least through the entirety of his banter.

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The dog must have been terrified, there were thousands of people, it was loud and noisy. No word on who the dog belongs to, but whoever it was, they should not be allowed to have any more dogs. People in (our) Facebook community were outraged that Lee would use a dog as a prop in this manner. Our favorite comment was “The title of this article should be Tommy Lee’s desperate grasp for relevancy frightens puppy unnecessarily.” In fact, we liked this title so much better than the one we came up with which was “Tommy Lee Pulls Wiener Dog Out From His Pants, Onstage” that we changed it. (Thank you Heather!)

NOTE: video contains profanity!

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