Who’s Got The Cutest Rescue Pet In The MCU?

There is a kind of perennial truth to the old adage that ‘movie stars are just like us.’ They put on their shoes and shirts just like we do, they eat the same kinds of foods that we do, and they love animals like we do. 

And with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness tearing up screens we wanted to look at some of our favorite Marvel stars and their pets. But, not just any pet. We wanted to confirm that the pets they share their glam lives with are adopted! 

1. Mark Ruffalo

First up is Mark Ruffalo. On-screen he is the green rage monster who is nigh unstoppable. But in this reality he is basically just a dad and cat person. Ruffalo has three adopted friends. The one pictured is named Biscotti, he got in 2020. 

2. Haley Atwell

Haley Atwell and Wolfie: Instagram

Haley Atwell, who has portrayed Peggy Carter and is in the latest MCU installment, adopted her French Bulldogs Iris and Wolfie from a rescue in the UK called Marley’s Mutts! This is the sort of story that you love to hear since well-paid film/tv stars likely have the ability to buy very well bred dogs. 


3. Tom Holland


Spider-Man himself, British actor and perpetual 16-year-old who’s actually in his 20s Tom Holland, is a huge proponent of animal rescue. Even going so far as doing a segment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert called ‘Rescue Dog Rescue’ where some other actors might have done a slightly more frivolous sketch. 

So, what kind of dog does Tom Holland have? He’s a huge advocate for Pit Bulls, which is what his pup Tessa is, and has spoke out against certain discriminatory laws in the UK that forbid the ownership or breeding of Pit Bulls because they are classified as dangerous. He has called the law ‘ridiculous.’

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4. Chris Evans

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If we had to list every MCU actor/actress that has a dog we’d be here all day. But, Chris Evans, Captain America super soldier and prolific selfie enthusiast , definitely takes the lead here being one of the most vocal proponents of adopting rescues. 

He loves posting pics of him and his rescue Dodger, which may be the most perfect dog name ever, and never fails to remind people of the fact that he’s a rescue. Carry on, Cap! We salute you. 

5. Robert Downey Jr.

RDJ is a superhero to animals: the-sun.com

But maybe the biggest animal rescuer of them all is the actor that started the whole MCU. That’s right, we’re talking about Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. 

His Malibu home has become a de facto rescue ranch for all kinds of animals including llamas, pigs, goats, dogs and so many more. All the animals are rescues who now enjoy a free range life under the care of this amazingly talented and big hearted actor. But which of these animals are the cutest? We’ll let you decide in our poll!

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