Mama dog tries to save puppy from fast moving water after sudden rainstorm

Video Transcript

This mama dog and her 6 puppies were stranded in water

“Oh, oh no! Hi, mama. Oh no… Hi mama, come here! Oh, no… Hi puppies! Come here mama! Oh No <puppy crying> You’re okay mama … here you go, here is your puppy. You’re… okay You’re okay.”

Deana Tsosie (These Dogs’ Rescuer):

So this is part two. After I got the puppy out of the water, I’m trying to figure out how I’m gonna get the mama dog, she kept barking at me. She wouldn’t come near me. She kept taking off. I put the puppies in the crate. She wouldn’t go near it. I put food in the crate. She wouldn’t go near it. So I just kinda hung around the area. I checked the wash. I checked this area. I checked, um, by the pipe. I checked all the bushes. I checked everywhere to see if there was any more puppies I didn’t find anymore.

This mama dog and her 6 puppies were stranded in water

So I just waited. This was like eight o’clock at night. I didn’t have a trap. I didn’t have anyone to call. I was about an hour and a half from home. Um, so there were six puppies. They were still alive. So the mama dog would just wait near the crate, wait nearby. She would take off and then she’d come back.

I ended up putting the puppies on the floor in the van. And, you know, I played, um, puppy cries. She would come back when she heard the cries, but she wouldn’t go into the van. Um, I would throw food in there. She’d go in just a little, but she wouldn’t go in all the way.

This mama dog and her 6 puppies were stranded in water

So I just waited with her. I really just didn’t wanna leave her. So we did the food luring again. I would throw food in the van. She’d go in a little, then she’d come back out, she’d take off, did come back, or she’d just sit by the van.

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mama and puppies in the van

So I just waited near her. Um, finally I was able to, um, lure her into the van by throwing food in there. She finally got far enough in and I was able to shut the side door. So after two hours, I finally was able to get her into the van. She didn’t seem too happy. The van was a mess, but, oh, well! It’s very happy to get her. I did bring her home. Um, all the puppies are still alive doing okay. I really have no room whatsoever at home. So they, uh, they are staying in the van tonight.

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