This Dog Is REQUIRED to Hold a Toy when he sleeps. Find Out Why!

Video Transcript

Rocky Kanaka:
He can’t sleep unless he has a toy in his mouth or he struggles with breathing.

Dog Is REQUIRED to Hold a Dog Toy when he sleeps

Laurel (Angus’s Adopter):
Yeah, he has very little airflow to none through his nose. So he had to have a couple teeth removed, um, about a year ago. And he sleeps with something in his mouth too, to just keep his mouth propped open. So that helps with the snoring, because the snoring can be tremendous. It’s like sometimes it’s, it’s really crazy.

Dog Is REQUIRED to Hold a Dog Toy when he sleeps

He was kicked in the face and so had, uh, just his nose was really swollen. He was about 10, I think about 10 weeks old at the time. And then the vet realized that they didn’t have the equipment necessary to, to help him.

There’s a clinic in LA that he was at for weeks and weeks where he had multiple surgeries on his face. I found myself like coming back multiple times a day just to see if they had updated on him. I just, something about him kind of hit my heart and they were gonna put him up for adoption and I thought, Oh my God, this is my dog. I have to apply for him.

Weeks later, I checked my email, I had a message in there that said, “We think that you might be a good match for Angus.” And I just was like, I almost fell over backwards. I was so, I just couldn’t even believe it. It was surreal.

Dog who Holds a Dog Toy when he sleeps

Rocky Kanaka:
But Laurel knew that it wasn’t a done deal yet, because if her other dog, Jyn, didn’t like him, then it wouldn’t work.

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From the beginning, I knew it wasn’t, it wasn’t about me at all, it was about Jyn. So if Jyn didn’t like him, then it was never gonna work.

Agnus and Jyn

We went down the first time just to meet him and just kind of see how they, how they got along. And then the second time we went down, you know, it was hopefully to pick him up and bring him home, but I didn’t know for sure. It turned out they were, they were fine. They didn’t, she was kind of indifferent to him in the beginning, and they’ve lived together now for a year.

Angus likes to snuggle more than Jyn does, so he’s always kind of, he’ll like, get up next to her and then she’ll move away or whatever. So we’re still working on that. When they don’t see each other for a minute, the tales are wagging and so they’re, they’ve definitely, you know, they’ve gotten to love each other now.

Rocky Kanaka:
Now Angus lived a happy life with Laurel and his first siblings while being the loudest messiest dog of all time.

Part of his nose not working is, he doesn’t process dust and things like that. So he has a lot, a lot of, It’s not . Lots of boogers. And I was like, It’s just booger, right? Like, no, no big deal. There were boogers everywhere. There’s still hard boogers everywhere, and he likes to lick windows and glass.

Agnus with boogers

I have no idea why he does it, and I call it art. His, his Angus art window Art, he’s probably the messiest eater on earth because it, there’s nothing in the front to hold it in, so he’ll, he’ll eat something and then it, some half of it flies out. , it’s messy. It’s just part of his little personality and he’s perfect. Just, just how he is.

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Agnus licking the glass

Rocky Kanaka:
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