This dog had 4 months to live & completed every item on his bucket list!

Video Transcript

“What? What do you want? Do you want your turkey?”

Rocky Kanaka (Animal Advocate):

This is Bubbles. After receiving a life saving operation to remove a tumor on his head, he was recently diagnosed with three types of cancer.

Jenay (Bubbles’ Foster Mom):

We learned that we likely had only three to four months left with him. From that moment on, we started Bubbles Bucket list. The first thing he got to do was we made cupcakes and he scarfed down literally four cupcakes that night. After his surgery, we would go on car rides and get puppuccinos. That was one of his favorite things.

The next item on bubbles bucket list was the snow day. We had a snow day here in Texas and Bubbles got to prance around in the snow. I don’t think he necessarily loved the snow, but he definitely loves snuggling after the snow.

Another item on bubbles bucket list was getting nuggets whenever he could. He does not discriminate with nugget types, frozen nuggets, fast food nuggets. He will eat any nuggets he can get!

“Those are some yummy nuggets!”

He also had the opportunity to be in a commercial for a local pro basketball team to promote an upcoming game.

Commercial Host:

Dallas Pets Alive will be at the Legends game March 14th, so you can bring your new family member home.


He rocked it. I really think he was the star of the show. The biggest item on Bubbles bucket list was coming to school with me “Bubbles, Is this your best happy day? Is this on his bucket list? Yeah!”

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I’m a 4th grade teacher and he got to come up to the school and meet the children that helped create most of the bucket list. They were turning in bubbles’ bucket list ideas left and right. They all sat in a circle and they all had their hands out with a treat and bubbles quite literally went around and got 22 treats from each student. He loves kids, so he was the smelliest he’s ever been that day.

Another thing that we took bubbles to do for his bucket list was we have a lake by our house and we went to the lake and had a lake day. Unlike most bucket list ever, Bubbles has completed all of the items on his bucket list, and not even a few days after he completed his bucket list, he actually passed away.

We filled the last two and a half months for him with memories and love that could last a lifetime. And I like to say that if love could have saved bubbles’ he would still be here because so many people loved him.

I want Bubble’s legacy to be that every animal deserves a chance. Every animal deserves a happy ending. I want people to take a chance on the old, take a chance on the scared, and take a chance on the medically imperfect.

Rocky Kanaka:

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