Terrified Ukraine Rescue Dog Couldn’t Stand Human Touch, Now Friendlier than Ever

Living in a country ravaged with war does a number to dogs and other pets. The disruption to their normal routine, constant exposure to the sound of explosives and other high-pitched noises, and being separated from their families — among other traumatic experiences — leaves these pups with deep emotional scars that manifest in their behavior. It’s not uncommon for most of these dogs to develop fearful and aggressive tendencies as a response to their deep-seated trauma.  (watch video below)

Terrified Ukraine Rescue Dog Couldn’t Stand Human Touch, Now Friendlier than Ever

Thankfully, with love and patience from their new owners, these lovely dogs eventually lower their guard and begin to welcome unfamiliar faces into their spaces. 

One such dog is Ditta, a Ukrainian rescue dog who — from the moment she arrived at her new home — exhibited an intense fear of men, possibly triggered by past negative experiences in her previous home country. Her transformation from a fearful to trustful dog, as captured on a TikTok video, has left the internet in tears, and we have a feeling it will warm your heart, too

From Fear to Trust…

The one-minute-long video posted on TikTok account @dittawiggles shows different instances where Ditta the rescue dog was too scared to let her owner’s partner touch or get close to her.

A text layered over the clip reads: “POV: Your Ukraine rescue dog who was terrified of men slowly starts to trust your boyfriend.” In the now-viral video that has amassed 2.5M likes so far, Ditta can be seen, on several occasions, snapping at her owner’s boyfriend and keeping her distance whenever he tried to get near her.

It seems obvious that Ditta was having a hard time trusting and warming up to her owner’s boyfriend, who, on the other hand, continued to persist in showing Ditta love and kindness. 

With time, Ditta started to respond positively to the attention. She began to open up more to her owner’s boyfriend, and slowly by slowly, a bond between the two sparked. Now, Ditta has grown so fond of him and his physical touch, and has rediscovered the joy of trusting men again. 

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“Used to cry out of fear now she cries out of happiness,” read one comment on the video.

Another commented: “And now that’s HER boyfriend.”

A third person added: “That’s how happiness looks like.”

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