Happy Tears As Disabled, Happy-Go-Lucky Rescue Dog Finally Finds Forever Home 

More often than not, the most beautiful story endings are marked by the roughest beginnings, and Ivar’s story—  a high-spirited, disabled rescue dog —is a prime example. . 

Roughly three years ago, Ivar arrived at California-based Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue from Morocco along with other dogs, and it was clear that his life in Morocco was anything but rosy. Ivar came to the rescue paralyzed and in defeated spirits, a testament to the perhaps painful experiences he endured back in his home country. 

Nevertheless, the rescue team at Marley’s Mutts was determined to turn Ivar’s life around for the better, believing deep down that this sweet-faced pup had so much to offer. Indeed, time proved them right, as Ivar would turn out to be one of the most — if not the most — resilient, happiest dogs they’ve ever had at their facility.

Life at the Rescue…

Ivar’s initial days at Marley’s Mutts weren’t all rainbows and buttercups. He’d often keep to himself, avoiding interactions with his fellow canine mates. Thankfully, his real personality began to slowly emerge, and it didn’t take long before he fully settled into his new environment. 

Ivar soon became a source of constant laughed and joy to those around him. With each passing day, he displayed an inspiring will to overcome his past and embrace the possibility of a beautiful, fulfilling future. Ivar unapologetically shared his love for life with anyone who crossed his path, and at no given point did he allow his disability to get in the way. In fact, his disability only added to his overall charm and endearing presence. 

And as he waited patiently for his forever home, he found a true ride-or-die bestie in one of the disabled canines at the rescue: Bobo. Unfortunately, the unbreakable bond between Bobo and Ivar was shaken when Bobo was adopted, leaving Ivar behind. But unknown to Ivar, the universe had a bigger surprise in store for him; he’d find a forever home with the very same family that adopted Bobo. 

@marleysmuttsdogrescue After 3 long years Ivar is finally going home ❤️. What a story this boy has and what an amazing family he has joined!!!! Ivar started his rescue journey in Morocco. Rescued by a wonderful group when he was found paralyzed we met him on a sponsored overseas rescue trip and gave him the opportunity at the American dream. Not many will adopt a special needs dog but his amazing new family have adopted two! They adopted Bo, Ivar’s bff from Morocco, 2 years ago and always said when they had the space they’d bring Ivar home too. That day has arrived and Ivar is getting the very best home and family we could ask for. His journey is everything rescue is all about and the very best way to celebrate this #freedomfriday! If Ivar’s journey inspires you please consider supporting our future rescue missions. Your support allows us to save every single dog we have in our care and gives them the love, hope and dreams that only 2nd chances bring ❤️. #marleysmutts #muttmilitia #dogrescue #foster #adopt #rescuedog #secondchance #fostering #animaladvocate #adopt #dogrescue #fosteringsaveslives #savealife #shelter #adoption #foreverhome #spayandneuter #rescuedog #rescue #adoptdontshop #adoptme #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #dontshopadopt ♬ original sound – Marley’s Mutts

Ivar Goes to the Perfect Home

After spending approximately years at the rescue, Ivar recently went home with a wonderful family who expressed interest in opening their hearts to him forever. It was joy on steroids when he reunited with Bobo and realized that they were both going to be part of the same family. Ivar now has a home to call his own; a caring home where he’ll thrive forever, with Bobo and his loving family by his side. 

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His journey from adefeated dog to a cherished family pet is more than just a rescue tale. It’s a solid reminder of the beauty of giving second chances to animals with disabilities and other special needs, who — just like other capable dogs — deserve to experience the joy of being part of a loving home.

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