Starving Dog Refuses to Eat Until His Loyal Friend is Fed First; Melts Hearts With Selfless Act❣️

You’ve likely heard the age-old saying, ‘Two is better than one,’ but it can take something special to help you realize how true that motto can be. Fortunately, the generous animal rescuers at Legacy of Hope Dog Rescue have something very special on their hands! It’s a bonded pair of rescue dogs who are endlessly devoted to one another and ready to put their pasts behind them. 

bonded pair

This dynamic duo first came to the attention of the Oklahoma-based animal shelter when a kind-hearted person found the starving dogs in Tulsa in December. Clearly, they had been through a lot, so she called the shelter to arrange for their rescue. However, they were all reunited shortly after when she became their full-time foster mom. What a perfect arrangement!

These Devoted Best Friends Make Sure the Other is Taken Care of

When they first came into their rescue’s care, Charlie refused to eat. While this raised some eyebrows, it quickly became clear that he wouldn’t eat until Sue had eaten. How moving! As soon as his best friend was taken care of, he felt like he could eat, too. 

Clearly, this bonded pair is incredibly close. Sue’s calm demeanor perfectly balances out Charlie’s excitement and energy, but both dogs are as sweet as can be. They’ve been very friendly and easygoing with everyone they’ve met throughout their rescue process (including other dogs), but one of Legacy of Hope’s volunteers got an even closer look at their dynamic.

Throughout December, generous people throughout Tulsa donated to the shelter’s residents through an Angel Tree program–and this precious duo was popular! When that volunteer went to drop off all of the pups’ new gifts, they couldn’t have been happier. 

“Sue kept taking the toys, one at a time, to a room in the back of the house. Charlie was more interested in the food! Charlie is definitely more vocal and energetic, whereas Sue is quieter and more reserved.” Wow, they really do balance each other out!

Charlie Barker & A Dog Named Sue: An Iconic Duo

Despite the inseparable bond that these dogs have, they are different in so many ways. The shelter compared their complementary personalities to yin and yang, but both dogs enjoy food, playtime, and getting pets. They are working on perfecting potty training and leash skills, and they need plenty of secure, fenced-in space to roam and play. 

Sue is a gentle older lady who has a beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. She’s mostly black in color, but she sports little white ‘socks’ on all four of her paws. If that wasn’t sweet enough, she’s also incredibly mellow and easygoing. When she’s not play-wrestling with Charlie, she’s happy to cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a long massage.

bonded pair - Sue

Charlie, who is a chocolate-brown Pit Bull with a white spot on his chest, is your typical teenage boy. He’ll eat anything he can get his paws on, he has tons of energy to express through zoomies and play, and he enjoys sneaking out. Wooden fences are a no-brainer for this athletic pup, but he never goes far. 

bonded pair - Charlie

While Sue has a meeting with a potential adopter this week, it would be even better to keep these BFFs together in their forever home. They’ve already overcome so much, and the best is yet to come for them both!

bonded pair

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