Special Needs Dog Will Roll Her Way Into Your Heart If You’ll Let Her❣️

Janie rolls through the grass, tongue lolling, in her custom dog wheelchair. The two-year-old mixed breed dog was paralyzed as a puppy when she was shot by her former owners. Despite her challenges, Janie remains a friendly and loving dog looking for a forever home.

“She desperately needs a foster or adopter,” said Jessica Sheller, president of Pup and Cat Co. rescue based in Buford, Ga. “She has no feeling in her back legs and needs someone who can change her diapers every few hours. But she is a very sweet and happy dog.”

Special Needs Dog

They Shot Her

Janie was only six months old when her previous owners decided they no longer wanted her. Tragically, they expressed this by shooting the puppy, severing her spine.

For the past year, Janie has shuffled between temporary foster homes and boarding facilities ill-equipped to handle her special needs. Now the rescue organization has run out of options.

She Has Gone From Foster To Foster

Special Needs Dog

“We do not want to put this girl back into a boarding facility where she will not be able to use her wheelchair and will only be able to drag herself around all day,” explained Sheller.

Despite her traumatic early life, Jane bears no ill will towards humans. She eagerly greets new people by rolling over for belly rubs. Her eyes shine with optimism thanks to her dog wheelchair granting mobility and freedom.

“She would love someone to love her and take a chance on her,” said Sheller.

Janie represents one of millions of dogs with special needs struggling to find forever homes. Organizations like Pup and Cat Co rely on dedicated volunteers to provide foster and adoptive homes to injured and disabled animals. Could you open your heart and home to a pet like Janie?

Special Needs Dog

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