Puppy couldn’t walk until this happened

Seeing this little pit bull puppy walk and run now without a wheelchair makes me so happy ??

Dogs are such an inspiration and Cowboy is proof of that.

When you adopt a dog you’re saving a life and in my experience the dogs life is not the only life that is changed for the better. Cowboy is a cute dog and seeing him grow big and strong is a miracle.

Learning how to foster a dog or adopt a dog is a journey but it helps so many animals. To follow more awesome pittie cuteness check out Cowboy here: https://www.instagram.com/wheelsoffco…

pit bull dogs are one of the most commonly misunderstood breeds. It is easy to make assumptions about dog breeds when you don’t know much about them, but pit bulls can be really great pets if they go to the right home. They are known for their especially sweet attitude and gentle nature around people, which makes pit bulls such great family dogs.

Pit Bulls are the number one breed in dog shelters and they need our help. By adopting a Pit Bull you are saving a life and helping stop discrimination against a mis understood bully breed. Pities are amazing dogs. I have worked with them on multiple occasions and each time I am blown away by their loving nature and forgiving spirits.

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