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Dog Bakery Rawhide

The Dog Bakery Rawhide

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 These rawhide treats combine everything that dogs love. They provide hours of chewing satisfaction, and they're loaded with sweet vanilla flavor. As a human companion, you'll love them as well because you can gift them to your favorite furry friends without any guilt or concern about the ingredients. These chews are all-natural, made in the USA, and extremely affordable. We're talking rawhide at its finest; out of the many rawhide options out there, none are as natural or high-quality as the ones you’ll find at The Dog Bakery. We offer the 12", 6", and Skinny Mini Rawhide in Natural, Vanilla, Beef and Peanut Butter flavors!


The word “vanilla” has become synonymous with bland, flavorless and predictable, but we're guessing that the people who use the word negatively have just never tasted an excellent-quality vanilla. Vanilla is not only great in our ice cream, shakes and French coffee creamers, but it's also becoming a popular flavor among our four-legged canine friends. At The Dog Bakery, we're starting a vanilla revolution with our sumptuous 12” vanilla rawhide chews.

Peanut Butter:

Dogs love rawhide, and they’re also wild about peanut butter. Put the two together and it's like the canine equivalent of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (“You got peanut butter in my rawhide;” “You got rawhide in my peanut butter”). These 12” PB Rawhide treats are a match made in doggy heaven, and The Dog Bakery is excited to offer them right alongside our other all-natural canine concoctions.

*Our "Skinny Mini" Rawhide is approx. 7"x1 1/4" and may vary in size since it is a natural product.