No One Wants This Mama Or Her 6 Puppies 😭

Meet Zoey, a young and brave mama who found herself at the shelter due to unfortunate landlord issues faced by her previous family.

This tender-hearted girl was initially overwhelmed and scared upon her arrival.

However, with time and love, she has realized that she’s in a safe place. Today, she eagerly awaits and greets anyone who comes by with a wagging tail and hopeful eyes.

Zoey’s six little bundles of joy are quite the surprise with their petite size. While Zoey has had the chance to interact with another dog in her previous residence, she hasn’t had any experience with cats.

At this moment, the shelter is seeking compassionate souls to foster Zoey and her puppies. They are not up for adoption just yet, unless there’s a rescue organization willing to take them under their wing.

Zoey's puppies

Foster Requirements:

  • Must reside within driving distance of our shelter which is in Georgetown Texas. This ensures they can promptly address any medical concerns and facilitate the adoption process when the time comes.
  • Commitment to care for Zoey and her babies until they are ready for their forever homes.

By fostering, you’re not just providing a temporary home; you’re giving Zoey and her puppies a chance at a brighter future.

Zoey's puppies

For more information or to become a foster, please contact The Williamson County Regional Animal Shelter. If you’re a rescue please email [email protected]

Let’s come together and help this little family find the love and care they deserve. ????❤️????

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