Move Over, Surfing Dogs – Paddleboarding Dachshunds Are Taking Over 

Take a moment to recall the last time someone invited you to join them for a thrilling summer activity. Were you too ecstatic to even contain yourself? Probably not. Well, a group of eight Dachshunds — AKA weiner dogs — recently gave netizens a glimpse into how we should behave when we’re about to partake in an enjoyable activity that gets a 10/10 on the fun scale (watch video below). 

Move Over, Surfing Dogs - Paddleboarding Dachshunds Are Taking Over 

It’s evident that these Doxies were longing for summer to go for (perhaps) their favorite hot weather activity of all time: paddleboarding. Their reaction has left the internet amused, and we’re pretty sure it will leave a lasting impression on you, too.

Let the Wiener Paddlelympics Begin…

The minute-long video posted on TikTok account @yunabugs a few days ago shows the surreal moment when the eight Dachshunds realized they were going on a paddleboarding adventure with their owner.

Move Over, Surfing Dogs - Paddleboarding Dachshunds Are Taking Over 

One after the other, they excitedly ran outside and hopped into the awaiting car, ready to have the time of their lives. Some were even too overjoyed to give their owner a chance to fit them with dog life jackets.

Once at the paddleboarding site, the Doxies’ owner can be seen putting a life jacket on the remaining pups before pumping up the paddleboard and launching it into the water. Going by how fast these Doxies got onto the paddleboard, it’s obvious they had been waiting for this moment all their lives.

At one point, they even take a dip into the refreshing waters, clearly making the most of their paddleboarding experience. 

@yunabugs Favorite day of the season 🤪 #fyp #fy #foryou #dog #dachshund ♬ Wake Me Up – Avicii

So far, a staggering 1.7 million people have watched the clip, and over 216K have liked it. Thousands of TikTok users have left lovely reactions in the comment section. 

“The most beautiful thing on TikTok,” wrote one person 

“Damn, and I have my hands full with 5 dogs,” commented a second person.

“I know they slept so good when back at the house,” another added.

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