Maui Humane Society Pleas For Support Amidst Devastating Maui Fires- Here’s How You Can Help.

Maui Humane Society is launching an urgent appeal for assistance as the island grapples with the unprecedented and catastrophic impact of the ongoing Maui fires. The fires have left thousands of both humans and animals displaced, causing immense distress and creating an urgent need for solidarity within the community. Maui Humane Society is expecting an inundation of hundreds of animals who have been burned, lost during the evacuation process and those in need of critical care due to smoke inhalation.

Fires continue to burn with new fires popping up across the island. The Lahaina bypass has
been restricted to emergency personnel only, and the communication infrastructure has been
severely compromised, resulting in limited cell service and ability to communicate and help. In
this time of crisis, Maui Humane Society is rallying the community to work together and extend a
helping hand to those affected.

Whether you are on island or on the mainland, here’s how you can help:

1. SOS Fosters

Prior to the fires, Maui Humane Society’s kennels had reached full capacity
again, facilitating the need for “SOS Fosters”. This allows animals to go into temporary housing to make space for those in need. Any resident who has secure space is invited to volunteer to become an SOS Foster, which allows safety for the animal and adds space at the shelter for animals in immediate need of refuge.

2. Donations

Pet food, pop-up kennels, and litter. Those off island can donate directly via our Amazon Wishlist and monetary donations will be crucial to cover the costs of lifesaving medical surgeries and procedures. Much-needed supplies, including pet food, pop-up kennels, and litter, are pivotal to providing sustenance to animals, as staff and volunteers are putting together kits for families and animals in need. Pet food and treats can be used or purchased at Costco, Petco, Safeway. These donations can be dropped off directly at Maui Humane Society. For those on the mainland looking to help, supplies can be delivered directly to us via our Amazon Wishlist and monetary donations will be crucial to cover the costs of the lifesaving medical treatments
necessary to save animal lives affected by the fires.

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3. Connecting Community Members:  

Maui Fires Pets Help Group  – To facilitate
coordination and support within the Maui community, a mutual help Facebook group, “Maui
Fires Pets Help Group,” has been created. This group serves as a platform for individuals who
are able to help to connect with those in need, without straining the resources at the shelter. We encourage community members to join this group and collaborate with fellow Maui residents to ensure that animals stay with their owners as much as possible.

4. Adopt or Foster Raymond Or Sunshine

Raymond – A Loving Pittie Facing Euthanasia

Sitting With Dogs #3: Raymond

Raymond, a sweet and affectionate 4-year-old pittie mix, is in desperate need of a hero to save him from the euthanasia list. The shelter he’s in is overwhelmed, and they are urging people to step forward to give Raymond a chance at life. Despite his dire situation, Raymond’s loving and cuddly nature has won the hearts of those who have met him.

Raymond is best suited as the only dog in the household. However, his adoration for humans knows no bounds. He is incredibly playful and finds joy in spending quality time with people. Raymond’s infectious spirit and loving demeanor make him a wonderful companion for anyone looking to welcome a furry friend into their life.

Sitting With Dogs #3: Raymond

The shelter is offering to transport Raymond for those willing to cover the transportation fees, whether it’s on or off the island. This means that no matter where you are, you can potentially be the savior that Raymond desperately needs. If you have room in your heart and home for a loving pittie mix and are willing to give him the chance he deserves, please consider reaching out to the shelter immediately.

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Learn More About Reymond

Sunshine: Resilient Shelter Dog Shines as a Favorite Beach Buddy

Sitting With Dogs #3: Sunshine

Meet Sunshine, the resilient and lovable Pit bull mix who has captured the hearts of many at the shelter. Despite spending quite some time there, her sunny disposition and friendly nature have made her a favorite among staff and fellow shelter dogs. Sunshine’s journey has been marked by triumph over adversity, as she bravely faced and overcame a benign tumor on the back of her head, leaving behind a visible scar from its removal.

Sitting With Dogs #3: Sunshine

Now, Sunshine is thriving and shining brightly as a participant in the Beach Buddies program. This program, common in Hawaii, allows vacationers to take shelter dogs out for walks or hikes, offering a refreshing change of scenery for the dogs and a chance for potential adopters to meet them in a more relaxed setting. Sunshine’s amiable personality and compatibility with other dogs have made her a highly sought-after Beach Buddy. In fact, she’s such a hit that the shelter must limit her time in the program to ensure she gets enough exposure back at the shelter, increasing her chances of finding a forever home.

While on her Beach Buddy adventure, Sunshine’s joy and enthusiasm are evident. This program allows her to enjoy a taste of freedom, even if just for a day, as she explores new environments with her temporary companions. As her tail wags happily, it’s clear that Sunshine’s radiant spirit is contagious, making her an irresistible companion for anyone lucky enough to take her out for the day.

If you’re seeking a furry friend to brighten your life, look no further than Sunshine. With her friendly nature, playful demeanor, and triumphant spirit, she’s the perfect addition to any loving home. Reach out to the shelter to learn more about this cheerful Pit bull mix, and see for yourself why she’s a cherished favorite among staff and fellow dogs alike. Let Sunshine’s light shine in your life, and you’ll have a loyal and loving companion for years to come.

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Learn More About Sunshine