Meet Maple.

Just a puppy Maple was found under an overpass in Tehachapi CA with severe lacerations and puncture wounds. Maple was in so much pain she was constantly crying.

But luckily for Maple Marley’s Mutts, a rescue organization, stepped in and got her the medical treatment she needed.  It was going to be a long road to recovery and sadly, many people shy away from adopting pit bulls. So between Maple’s extreme injuries, and the stigma attached to her breed, Maple’s prospects seemed dim.

Rocky Kanaka, emmy-nominated television host and pet rescue advocate, was touched by Maple’s sweet spirit and decided to help in three ways 1) Soften the reputation that Pit Bulls have  so that Maple would more easily find a forever home 2) Treat her to an amazing day full of love and surprises. 3) Feature her on “Dogs Day Out” to get her maximum exposure

“Dogs Day Out” is a heartfelt show follows Rocky on his mission to find a hard-to-adopt rescue dog a forever home and in the process treat the pupper to their ‘best day ever’. 

To help soften Maple’s pit bull image Rocky dressed her up in a butterfly costume. Rocky and the team built a Butterfly Kissing Booth and set it up in Santa Monica so that passerbyers could stop and show love. Maple’s personality absolutely came to life and she enjoyed more attention, love and affection than she had probably ever received.

In addition, she was treated to a massage (by a licensed canine massage therapist), a profesional photo shoot (the images will be used to help get Maple adopted) and some of the yummiest doggie treats one could imagine.

While it’s still too soon to get Maple her forever home (she still has about a month of healing) there has been a lot of interest with as many people as possible sharing to help get with Maple’s story seen.

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Maple is recovering beautifully and Rocky and Marley’s Mutts estimate it won’t be long until she’s ready to be loved in a forever home.ABOUT DOG’S DAY OUT

Each episode of Dogs Day Out, a new YouTube Series, features one rescue dog who gets their best day ever, while also looking for their forever home. The show offers an element of community involvement as it engages the viewer to help Rocky on this mission. Only with everyone’s participation will Rocky ultimately be able to secure a home for the down-on-their-luck, yet adorable dog!

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To learn more about Marley’s Mutts Rescue Center visit:

Here are some of the products and services mentioned in the episdoe

The Dog Bakery Dog Jerky

Bumble bee costume


Show Transcript

This is the story of Maple, a Pitbull puppy who had a rough start in life. Maple was found under an overpass in Tehachapi, CA with severe lacerations and puncture wounds, evident that she has been mauled by several other dogs or animals. She was taken to Kern County Animal Services which is where her story really begins. Zach Skow, founder of Marley’s Mutts, a non-profit organization that rescues, rehabilitates, trains and re-homes death row dogs, met Maple in rough condition and knew he had to help. Maple was in so much pain when Zach first met her, she was constantly crying. He knew this was going to be a long road to recovery. Zach took Maple to get proper medical treatment and her healing began, but it would not be an easy journey. After about a month of TLC from her foster, Maple was beginning to physically recover.

Despite her wounds healing, Maple was still blue and due to her breed and injuries, she often intimidated people she encountered. That’s when her foster decided to dress her up as a butterfly to help soften her image. There was an almost immediate change in her demeanor and her sweet affectionate personality was able to shine through. With Maple’s physical and emotional injuries, it was time to start thinking about finding her a forever home. Zach knew that Maple was a special case, so he called me to see if I could help take Maple on a Dogs Day Out.

I immediately started brainstorming ways to give Maple her best day ever but given her injuries, I couldn’t take her to the dog park, on a hike, or other normal dog activities. I still had to make this a very special day. Since I knew Maple’s butterfly costume brought out the best of her personality, I decided to build her a very special butterfly kissing booth to help her meet potential adopters. So we set off for Home Depot to get all the supplies we needed and of course Maple tagged along because they gladey welcome leashed dogs. Maple attracted all sorts of new friends while we were shopping, we even spoke to a few potential adopters. Nobody could resist her sweetness and charm, once they got to know her. With the help of my boxer, Flip, building the kissing booth was a breeze. I used a very simple method of connecting two wooden crates, and making a frame to hang our banner. I added some decorations and pops of color and we were almost ready to head out to the beach to spread awareness about Maple, but not before getting her ready for her big moment.

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I wanted to give maple the royal treatment so, I gave her a paw-dicure and some jerky treats from The Dog Bakery that are good for her skin & coat.  Then we were ready to go! Once we were set up in the butterfly kissing booth, at first nobody was coming up to Maple and I was really concerned. Her whole life she’s been neglected and I was thinking, what if this is just one more moment like that? But just like that, someone bolted in to show her love, then another, and another until a large crowd formed around our butterfly kissing booth, all to get their chance to love on our sweet girl. It was so amazing to see all of the love coming Maple’s way and I knew we had succeeded, but little did she know, I had an even bigger surprise in store for her.

In order to further raise awareness about Maple, I decided to take her to the set of Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family. While I went on air to do a baking segment for my Ooey Gooey PB&J Treats, Maple got a tour of the set and made a ton of new friends. After we were done, it was time for Maple to do the ultimate taste test and boy, did she love it! Maple’s Dogs Day Out was going so well already, but I had even more fun in store for her. I called my good friend, Christian Shenouda, who’s a photographer that specializes in pet photography. He works within the rescue community to showcase overlooked animals in a really special way. Christian took some beautiful shots of Maple that highlights all her beautiful features.

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To end the perfect Dogs Day Out, I brought in a dog masseuse to give Maple a massage to help her unwind at the end of a long day. The massage not only helped her relax but it also soothed her sore muscles related to her injuries. She was so relaxed; she was even snoring a little bit during her massage. It was such an amazing day but one of my favorite parts was how many people wanted to get involved to help her. Amazon sent a gift card that allowed me to buy a Bissell Bark Bath so we could give Maple a bath without getting her bandages wet. FuzzYard sent us a bed, collar, leash and clothes for Maple to take home and I Heart Dogs sent a care package with everything her forever family will need. I want to thank everyone who helped Maple feel so loved today, I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to this awesome Dogs Day Out.

Rocky Kanaka is an Emmy Nominated TV host for the Netflix show Save Our Shelter, entrepreneur and Pet Rescue Advocate. Rocky started working with pets over a decade ago when his passion for healthy foods carried over to his pets. As a pet chef Rocky’s business The Dog Bakery ships healthy fresh baked dog cakes and treats nationwide. When Rocky is not traveling the nation helping homeless pets you can often find him in one of his Los Angeles bakeries working on new recipes your dog is sure to love.

Rocky spends a large amount of his time focusing on philanthropy. Rocky can currently be seen on The CW’s Hidden Heroes, Netflix’s Save Our Shelter and on his new YouTube series DOGS DAY OUT.

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