Man Releases 150 Dogs From A Shelter On To Street. Total Chaos Ensues.

Something terrible just happened at a shelter in Abilene, Texas. Police just arrested George Paul Jones. They’re charging him because the suspect entered through the roof, opened up many kennel doors and let out some 150 dogs.

A Texas man has been arrested for breaking into an Abilene animal shelter, releasing nearly 150 dogs from their cages and escaping in the shelter’s van.BRANDON BELL / STAFF/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

The problem with that is now there are dogs running everywhere in chaos. They can’t find nine of the canines. And one of them, unfortunately didn’t make it because he was attacked by another dog.

This makes me so angry. The dogs are already under enough stress in the shelter and that chaos had to cause all kinds of stress and fear.

And unfortunately it was the end for one of the dogs and the others that are out there may never be found.

The dogs that you see in this video are dogs that I pulled directly from their adoption page. In case you were able to help adopt one of these animals or you recognize one of them running out in the streets, if you live in that area, it just breaks my heart.

What do you think this guy should be charged with?

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